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Thuiswerken? Kies voor monitor steunen voor 1 of 2 schermen

Work from home? Choose screen mounts for 2 monitors or 2 monitors

Working from home can bring some benefits. You brew your own brand of coffee from your favorite coffee mug and can play your own music without having to consider your colleagues’ musical taste. If you work as a freelancer, then of course you don’t know anything better than having an office at home. You want to be able to work as comfortably as possible and thus set up your workplace in such a way that you can focus without all kinds of distractions. Working from home becomes more enjoyable if you can also sit comfortably behind your desk with a monitor that can be adjusted to the correct height. This can be done in a very simple way, which is by using support monitoring.

Choose a monitor stand that matches your interior design

Monitor mounts come in different shapes and sizes. For example, you can choose from a simple design with support with single arms. This is adjustable in height. And you have monitor stands where you can tilt and rotate the monitor in different positions. For example, if you have sunlight, you can still maintain a good view of your screen with this screen support. Monitors are available in black or silver. These are simple looking models. But if you like a cool design, opt for monitor stands that look more eye-catching and futuristic. You then have an eye-catching on your desk, which can support 8 or 9kg monitors and is also suitable for curved monitors.

Screen support feature

Especially if you work at home, the space you have to place a screen in can be limited. You don’t always have the space at home to set up an office the same size as the desk at your job site. Then the support screens offer a solution. Since you can put the monitor support at the back of your work surface and the monitor isn’t on the desk, you have room for your keyboard and any files. This way you can still work well with a slightly smaller desk and you won’t run out of space. In addition, the screen support has different positions. Simply move the screen in the direction of your sitting position. This also prevents you from sitting in the same position for too long because your screen is simply placed that way.

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Two screens and a small desk? Screen installation problem solved

Two monitors are very useful in some situations to work with. And this can take up a lot of space not only in your workplace at home, but also on the desk in the office. But that is also easy to solve, namely with a screen with two arms. This monitor stand has a gas spring and can support screens up to 32 inches. The two supports can be adjusted independently of each other, so that you can choose the most comfortable working position yourself. Each arm can hold up to 8 lbs. The height of this type of monitor is about 40 cm, which is a good height for comfortable work. You can easily hide the cables, so you don’t have to look at them all day.

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