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Would you buy a MacBook Pro with an Apple Pencil?

Would you buy a MacBook Pro with an Apple Pencil?

We already know roughly what the new MacBook Pro looks like, but every now and then a futuristic (and unrealistic) concept pops up. This time it’s the MacBook Pro’s turn with the Apple Pencil.

Read on after the announcement.

Concept showing MacBook Pro with Apple Pencil

The next MacBook Pro won’t have a Touch Bar, if we’re to believe the rumors. Apple seems to be giving the laptop a “normal” keybar, rather than a touch-sensitive one.

However, there are more ways to fill this void. This is demonstrated by this experimental MacBook Pro concept, found Apple Pencil Storage compartment under the screen. The Touch Bar isn’t completely gone: there’s still a small piece of the touch screen on the right side.

This concept was created by Sarang Sheth. Not only did the 3D designer allow his creative mind to move freely, he drew inspiration from a patent filed by Apple last week.

MacBook Pro with touch screen

In this patent, the company shows how a MacBook Pro with a touchscreen can work. Remarkably, the Apple Pencil also appears in the drawings. This means that Apple is exploring the possibility of controlling future laptops with a touch-sensitive stylus.

However, we don’t expect the next MacBook Pro to have an Apple Pencil storage compartment. Apple files dozens of patents every week, for example to prevent competitors from working with their ideas. The documents indicate the direction in which the company is considering.

New MacBook Pro in 2021

It is rumored that Apple will hold a special event this year to showcase the new MacBook Pro. Perhaps the biggest change is under the hood. The 16-inch Pro laptop will switch to Apple Silicon, rather than an Intel chip. Do you want to read more? In the article below, we look forward extensively to MacBook Pro 2021.

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