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Wout van Aert also has to give up the Giro: 'This is a big disappointment'

Wout van Aert also has to give up the Giro: 'This is a big disappointment'

It came two weeks ago Woot Fan Art It was badly smashed into Flandren's door jambs. With a broken collarbone, 7 broken ribs and a crack in his sternum, Van Aert was forced to cancel the Tour of Flanders and Paris-Roubaix, his main goals in the spring.

After the cobbled classics, Van Aert will make his debut Jirobut Visma – rent a bike The knight knew that they were in a race against time. Both parties have already decided not to target the Grande Partenza on May 4.

“I'm happy to tell you that I'm fine,” Van Aart shares in a video on X. “My injuries and fractures are healing well.”

“However, my ribs limit my freedom of movement,” he turns to the negative side of the story. “I can't fully train right now.”

“I'm already back on the bike for the first time, but that's not enough to be able to talk about serious training. That's why we decided not to be at the start of the Giro.”

The announcement is not surprising given the severity of the injury, but Van Aert's reaction was disappointing.

“It's a big disappointment because I also miss my second goal, but my health is the most important. I have to give my body time to recover.”

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