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Writer Great Op de Beek becomes a psychotherapist |  showbiz

Writer Great Op de Beek becomes a psychotherapist | showbiz

showbizGreat Op de Beck (48), author of Many Heavens Over Seven, Come Here to Kiss You and You May Be Anything, becomes a healer. The writer says she has noticed that people feel safe with her.

Griet is currently studying psychodynamics in Scherbenzel, Netherlands. Something I’ve planned for a long time, but it’s only starting now. To paraphrase the title of my last book: I Can Be Anything. She is also a writer and therapist, she says in ‘De Morgen’. So, she is sure to start working in the sector after her training is over. It seems that ‘I want to make my activities as a therapist my second profession.’ “My therapist has been telling me for years that I would be a good fellow.”

She continues, “My job as a therapist will make my world bigger again, and it will make my life richer again.” “I’m really looking forward to it. Beyond that, I think it’s a good idea to not rely on writing. If my readers decide they no longer need my books, I have another project that will give meaning to my life.”

Griet regularly suffered from mental problems in the past, for example, she was abused by her father in the past, and had to deal with anorexia.

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