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Xbox Cloud Gaming Now Works Better on iPhone and iPad

Xbox Cloud Gaming Now Works Better on iPhone and iPad

Since last year, it has been possible to use Xbox Cloud Gaming on your iPhone and iPad. With an active subscription to Xbox Game Pass, you have the option to stream your games on the platform.

This definitely doesn’t work perfectly, but when you’re playing a strategy game, it doesn’t matter if the connection is a little late. However, it’s good to see Microsoft doing its best to improve the Xbox Cloud Gaming experience for iPhone and iPad.

Xbox Cloud Gaming is better on iPhone and iPad

on them private blog Microsoft has announced that several changes have been made to Xbox Cloud Gaming. It does not necessarily indicate what exactly has been improved. But it does talk about important points for improvement, which makes the experience even better when you play games on iPhone and iPad. The community has already taken notice, according to Microsoft. There is more positive feedback on the players’ gameplay sessions. Sessions also became 35 percent longer. This way, the company notes that it actually works better.[n35procentlangergewordenOpdiemaniermerkthetbedrijfdusdathetookechtbeterwerkt[n35procentlangergewordenOpdiemaniermerkthetbedrijfdusdathetookechtbeterwerkt

Xbox Game Pass for iPhone and iPad
Xbox Game Pass (Photo: Microsoft)

With an active subscription to Xbox Game Pass, games can be streamed on iPhone and iPad. By the way, this doesn’t work via the app, because Apple doesn’t want that. So it is only possible via the browser, but by creating a shortcut on your home screen you can always easily access it and it actually works like an app. Then you can play a lot of games this way. It is also possible to use your touch screen with several titles, but it would be wise to hook up a controller to your device.

Multiple platforms

If you subscribe to Xbox Game Pass, you can stream games on your iPhone and iPad. But it is also possible to download games from the library to your Xbox game console or your PC. This way you can play a lot of games with an active subscription. Do you want some inspiration for games? Then be sure to read This article

Xbox Game Pass: 5 perfect games to play on your iPad

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Xbox Cloud Gaming Now Works Better on iPhone and iPad

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