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Xbox gamers Halo Infinite summons opt-out option through cheaters – Games – News

People can play well “for fun”. However, if the game’s decoration is completely broken, even if the basic gameplay is good, that (imo) will have an impact on the experience. I definitely still play for fun. Being able to tweak my Spartan to my taste, as I’ve been doing since Halo 3 in 2007 or having some form of progression alongside singles matches, is part of that, for others, it’s catching achievements or something. Using Halo now to snatch every cent from a player is very frustrating (as a Halo fan) and that definitely has an impact on my experience with the game.

– Progression. Since Halo 2 there has been some form of global advancement in Halo. The fact that, apart from the meager battle corridor, there was now no form of world progression was a bad thing. (out of rank)
– Lack of variety in playlists, no split between killer and theme based game modes. Fiesta, a favorite series that dates back a few years, has now been referred to as a timed event, for example.
– There are no lounges before and after the match. You have no idea who you are playing with/against whom.
– Your lobby will be dismantled after each match. Multiple matches with the same randomness in a row can no longer be done unless you explicitly invite each other now.
– Some challenges are totally weird (fortunately, some tweaks have already been made to this).
Blaming the shortcomings on F2P is unfair IMO. The Halo community had already expressed their concerns a year ago, and the 343i did nothing about it. (Yes, they responded and promised that concerns were unnecessary, but existing buildings prove otherwise.)
MTX practices worse than mobile games. (The blue in MKVII does not apply to Yorio, you can pay €6 again)
The customization, even if you don’t like it, is just bones and worse than the previous installments. For example, you can now offer 10 euros for a color that can only be used on one core, in previous games you can choose from thousands of combinations. Nothing to do with it.
– Fugitive armor pieces. This really started with MCC. Space samurai, deer antlers, really?

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The basic gameplay is good, not perfect and there are loopholes to enter. Letting other games fail shouldn’t be an excuse.

Do not get me wrong. Obviously, the basic gameplay is the most important.

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