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Xbox Series X Finally Solves One of the Weirdest Console Problems

Xbox Series X Finally Solves One of the Weirdest Console Problems

Xbox is finally fixing one of the strangest issues on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S with a future update. Headphone users on PS4 and PS5 know that when you connect headphones to your console, there is an option to mute the TV. Even better, you can turn it on to automatically mute the TV when headphones are connected. For whatever reason, you can’t do this on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. Alternatively, when headphones are plugged in, sound comes through both, which means the only way to get sound out through the TV switch is to manually mute the sound. This is clearly less than ideal.

It’s unclear how Xbox overlooked this for so long, but the issue was finally addressed. This week released a new update for Xbox Insiders that introduced a “new, streamlined audio settings experience…with new features like” speaker muting when a headset is connected; And a new page “Audio Test and Details”.

Now, when this update will be released for the broader Xbox base, we don’t know. Xbox doesn’t say that, but these updates usually come to the general public shortly after Xbox Insider users get the updates.

In addition, the new Xbox Insiders Update also brings a number of significant accessibility improvements.

Xbox wrote of the update and feature: “The first round of testing of color blindness filters for users on Xbox Series X | S consoles has been launched.” This feature was enabled with the goal of enabling people with color blindness or a lack of color vision to discover more current games, as well as titles in the Xbox back catalog that were previously inaccessible. While some games apply similar filters individually, the new feature applies globally to everything in Xbox Series X | S, including all games, movies, applications, menus, etc. It also supports multiple forms of color blindness, and filters can be modified to your liking without affecting performance, screenshots or game clips.”

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