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Yellow Room – D Standard

You can’t stop the summer either, so the bookstore is becoming a travel agency these days. ‘Are there any novels set in Namibia?’, ‘We’re going to New Zealand, what can you recommend for us?’ ‘Black Forest, there are no novels about it, of course?’ As an essential supplier of escape, the bookseller is also consulted on vacation plans, although the locations we recommend are often imaginary. The reader does not want to go to Namibia, New Zealand or the Black Forest. The reader wants a great completion; Unforgettable book with beautiful background. The book travels, a vague memory. The places I remember best are the ones I imagined. I never went to New Orleans or Newfoundland, but thanks to John Kennedy Dool, the hot dog on the street in Constantinople, I felt the bitter cold in Annie Brooks. In Bullet Park Written by John Seever, a restless man seeks redemption in the form of a place, a yellow room seemed to him at a glance. “Not a refuge, but the center of the storm.” If he finds the room after several trips to Arvito, it looks like it was taken by another man who furnished the room with bookshelves. The pessimistic man gives him a fortune in the room, without success. This yellow room, the unfulfilled ideal of a character in a sever novel, is one I often stop at. Just like I packed your black forest travel guide. Xavier de Mystre, eighteenth century Arm chair passenger The early counsel for the shelter offered the following travel advice: ‘Could anyone be so unhappy and displaced that there is not even a room to retreat and hide from everyone and everyone? That’s all you need for the trip. ‘