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You should also clean the vacuum cleaner: with these tips it will continue to perform perfectly |  My guide

You should also clean the vacuum cleaner: with these tips it will continue to perform perfectly | My guide

vtwonenHair, sand, crumbs or confetti mess after a successful party: where are we without a vacuum cleaner? No one wants to be at the mercy of a dustpan at an inconvenient moment. Therefore, it is very important to maintain this powerful cleaning tool properly: It tells you how often and how often you should clean your vacuum cleaner.

High energy bill

In the “Detergent Cleaning” category: Vacuum cleaners also need periodic cleaning. This is because a bag or container that is too full makes the suction power much less. Because the motor has the ambition to leave the floor spick and span, it has to run faster and the vacuum becomes a huge energy consumer. You can do something different on a yearly basis. In addition to the higher electricity bill, the motor also deteriorates little by little, and can even break down in the long run. And this moment never comes at the right time.

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When should you empty the vacuum cleaner?

Whether you have a vacuum cleaner with a bag or a collection container, every now and then you will have to replace the bag or empty the container. That moment comes as soon as it is full is the most logical answer, but in reality you are too late. Also in this way, the motor will have to work a little harder each time than it is intended to, resulting in increased power consumption and degradation.

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A regular vacuum cleaner bag needs to be replaced or emptied once every two to three months. This depends on usage, so monitor it closely and take action once the bag or tank is 70 to 75 percent full.

Sustainable tip: Some vacuum bags need to be cut, but others can be removed without breaking them. Is the latter the case? Then empty it and use it again. Do this once or twice at most. Every little bit helps.

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What about filters?

A clean bag or container is not enough. The filters in a vacuum cleaner play an important role in suction power, results and service life, as well as in smell. If your vacuum cleaner emits a bad odor while vacuuming, it most likely has something to do with the filters. Even if it’s clean, it smells different. Check the filter once a week and then take it out or vacuum it. If you vacuum less frequently, you can also do this every two weeks. In addition, it is recommended to purchase a new vacuum cleaner filter once or twice a year.

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Listen to the signals

Is the suction power decreasing or is the vacuum making a noticeably noisy sound? This could also indicate dirty filters. Best advice: Listen to your cleaning colleague and criticize his performance, then you will quickly understand what his needs are.

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Vacuum cleaning: You should not forget this as well

• Do you also want to clean the collection tank after emptying it? It is preferable to do this with a dry cloth. This way you can prevent water damage. Still using a slightly damp cloth? Then dry well.

• Always check the vacuum cleaner nozzle carefully before starting work. Sharp residue can cause annoying damage to your floor.

• Are there clumps of hair or dust stuck in the vacuum hose? Then use a feather duster to remove it. Check it once every two weeks or if the vacuum loses suction power.

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