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You will encounter this while crossing into England

You will encounter this while crossing into England

Will you be making the (first) crossing to England? Travel virtually from IJmuiden to Lowestoft and get an idea of ​​everything you experience or encounter during the journey. Or fill out your own sailing plan using this handy map as a guide.

You’ll never forget your first crossing.
It’s special because of your experience at sea, but also because of the different challenges you face along the way. Crossing into England is more like passing through a chaotic intersection than a calm sailing journey. But don’t worry, because below we will tell you exactly what you need to take care of in order to get to the other side without any problems.

To sailEditor and departing Joris Westerveld

The basics in the system

Before you begin the crossing, there are a number of things you will need to have on board in terms of building and outfitting the hull, keel and rudder. Of course, you have to decide exactly what to take with you during transit; The concept of safety depends on the trip you are considering, the ship you are sailing on, the weather, and the crew. However, there is essential equipment that should not be missing on any crossing. The editors completely agree: We don’t want to sail to England without a life raft, life jackets, working navigation lights, VHF radio, fixed bathing ladder, radar reflector, and carrier compass.

Leave the docks in IJmuiden. Image (c) Klass Wiersma

Traffic plan as a guide

“The master of a sea vessel must take into account expected weather conditions, tidal data, ship restrictions, navigation hazards, experience and physical abilities of the crew, potential emergencies and home front contact when preparing for a voyage.” For SOLAS agreements.

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This may seem like a lot, but in practice you can commit to this by completing a traffic plan – this also forces you to think carefully about everything you might encounter during the trip and prepare for unforeseen circumstances. In the Practical Guide to Sailing to Sea you will find an example of a passage plan.

Sunset at sea. Photo (c) Ben Roti

This is what you are experiencing

This hypothetical crossing is based on actual tidal data for Ascension Holiday 2024. The weather is fantasy. For current forecasts, see here Sailing meteorology And check it out Sailing weather forecast for the weekend Written by meteorologist Henk Huizinga, which takes place on Wednesday especially for this weekend.

What you encounter when crossing from IJmuiden to Lowestoft, EnglandWhat you encounter when crossing from IJmuiden to Lowestoft, England
download Big picture. Illustration by Eric Wiersma

Transit step by step

  1. In the evening before departure: Check the weather forecast, tides and current direction. Determine which side will pass through the TSS and take into account the Hollandse Kust Zuid wind farm.
  2. 8:30 AM: Lifting into the docks and taking into account incoming and outgoing shipments. Stay away from IJ-Geul and watch for IJMW3 buoy channel No. 61 (IJmuiden port).
  3. 11.04am: The Luchterduinen wind farm, south of your route line, is not permitted. The ship is anchored to the north, and can be identified by the absence of a white whisker under the bow. After buoy IJMW3, switch to VHF channel 7 (IJmuiden Traffic Service) to hear what’s happening at TSS.
  4. 2.23pm: Around this time the current changes. Keep the platform to your course line port clear. If you enter the security zone within 500 meters of the platform, you may be subject to a fine of €1,000. Any calls now go through channel 16.
  5. 5:06 PM: The current is now taking you north and you pass some platforms in the distance.
  6. 8:15 p.m.: Enters Deep Water Road. On AIS, you can clearly see how close you are to charging. If you have any doubts, contact the ship in question via Channel 16 to report what you have observed and ask how best to deal with it.
  7. 10pm: East Anglia shows a single wind farm on the port side, and it’s getting dark.
  8. 03:38: It passes south of a large dredging area off the British coast. Complete digital form eC1331, Craft Pleasure Report. There is already 3G coverage.
  9. 5:54 AM: The sun rises. You’re almost at Lowestoft, but there’s still a sandbank in front. Bypassing it may be possible. South-west of the entrance to Lowestoft Harbor there is a shoal (draining). Head to Buoy N Newcome before heading towards the piers. Raise Q, flag the guest, and go to channel 14 to request entry.
  10. 7.30am: Arrive in Lowestoft. Unattainable!
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Royal Norfolk and Suffolk Yacht Club is located in Lowestoft.

This article is based on a larger article Your first sea crossing – big water, big reward By Joris Westerveld. As an exception, especially on Ascension Weekend, we made part of the article publicly available online. I read the whole story To sail 05/2024.

Cover image (c) Klass Wiersma


Here you can read more about the rules you must adhere to at sea.

Last modified: May 8, 2024