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Young Scar and Mufasa: Leaked details of "The Lion King" sequel |  Movie

Young Scar and Mufasa: Leaked details of “The Lion King” sequel | Movie

The Lion King’s first live action movie, which premiered in theaters last year, was a huge hit. So it is not surprising that there is a sequel now. Earlier it was announced that Barry Jenkins, known as the Oscar winner “Moonlight”, would be directing the film. “My sister helped raise two young boys in the 1990s,” Jenkins said in an interview. “I grew up with characters from the original cartoons.” “Having the opportunity to work with Disney to build a wonderful story of friendship and love, and thus describe the lives and souls of people in Africa, is a dream come true. I read the script and said, ‘Holy damn, that’s good.

Now it also became known that the film tells the story of the young Scar and Mufasa. For both characters, Disney is looking for young actors between the ages of eight and thirteen to take on the role of lions. In addition to the already known characters, many new lions and characters will also appear, such as Adah, Horatio, Elijah, Celia, Kaliban, Cardi and Zola. For this, the production is looking for a mixture of American and British accents.

The new “Lion King” will be filmed in Los Angeles on September 6th. The official release date and title have not been announced.

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