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YouTube is bringing a TikTok copy of the shorts to the United States

YouTube is bringing a TikTok copy of the shorts to the United States

YouTube is ready to release its TikTok version worldwide. After initial testing in India, the shorts begin its success in the US.

TikTok was able to appeal mainly to the younger generation through its short videos. The popular social media app made in China is the most downloaded app in the last year. So it’s no surprise that competing social media sites have found potential in Dictok’s opinion. Trump’s trade embargo against Thai company Bite Dance gave American players a unique opportunity to win back Dictok’s audience. Instagram Reels launched Last summer, in September, YouTube announced the shorts.

YouTube has started releasing short films In India. The Asian country was not randomly selected because Dictak has been banned from India for several months. With 3.5 billion videos watched a day, the shorts seem to be the biggest hit. In the next phase of the launch project, YouTube will bring its new feature ‘home’ to the US. The expansion will come sooner than expected XDA Developers writes. For now, it’s still being offered as a limited beta, as YouTube wants to test first whether shorts like Dictok’s competition.


Shorts are YouTube’s response to Dictok’s celebrity threatening the success of the video site. You do not have to look much for similarities between TikTok and YouTube Shorts. First, it is already in content. Shorts of 15 seconds will be added to YouTube as an extra focus. The way those videos are displayed is similar to TikTok. You can scroll videos vertically and use YouTube algorithms to highlight the videos that best suit your interests.

Shorts will be added to YouTube’s video feed. Image: XDA Developers.

Users can create and share short films themselves. YouTube provides them with all kinds of editing tools, such as filters or the option to add special effects and background music. All of these are more or less copied in Dictoc. Google has not yet shared the map for the release of the shorts, but they want to launch the app quickly worldwide.