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Zara (19 years old) is looking for the KLM pilot who helped her land in South Korea |  abroad

Zara (19 years old) is looking for the KLM pilot who helped her land in South Korea | abroad

Zara Rutherford, 19, the youngest woman to fly solo around the world, arrived in South Korea on Saturday. But in order to land there, the British-Flemish teenager was helped by a “merciful” pilot from KLM over the Sea of ​​Japan. This ensured that she could contact air traffic control after she was unable to establish contact with her radio.

Flight commander KLM 868, who was near Rutherford, sent her messages to air traffic controllers and helped them find the appropriate frequencies. “The pilot was very friendly and helpful,” said Rutherford. On her Facebook pageShe has nearly 20,000 followers. She calls him “The Good Samaritan” and launches a call to search for the pilot in question so she personally thanks the pilot.

Rutherford started her world record attempt in mid-August in Kortrijk. From there, she flew her lightweight sport utility vehicle to Scotland, Iceland, Greenland, Canada and the United States, and then to Colombia.


I’ve traveled north again along the American West Coast. From Alaska, Rutherford crossed into Russia and is now in South Korea. You want to go back to Belgium via Indonesia, India and the Middle East.

Rutherford alone, there is no satellite. The current Guinness World Records record is held by American Shaista Wise who was 30 when she completed her solo tour in 2017.

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