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“Zidane announces his departure from Real Madrid”

“Zidane announces his departure from Real Madrid”

Real Madrid has seen dangerous storms in recent weeks, due to the Champions League semi-final elimination and the loss of some painful points in the tournament. Eden Hazard has been criticized in particular for still being unable to make his mark on the Real, but Zinedine Zidane has also been criticized.

In recent weeks, doubts have been raised about the French coach’s future at Royal, despite the fact that Zidane still has a contract until 2022. The goal is now known with certainty: Zidane will leave Real Madrid at the end of the season. He would even have communicated this decision to his players before the Seville match last Sunday.

In just over two years, Zidane’s second term at the Bernabeu appears to be coming to an end. His maiden flight from January 2016 to May 2018 was still very successful, with him racking up three Champions League wins. In his second term, Zidane was less successful at European level and settled for the national title last season.

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