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Zig Zack Rammstein's New Solo Criticizes Plastic Surgery

Zig Zack Rammstein’s New Solo Criticizes Plastic Surgery

Zigzag magazine

Especially for their single release, the band comes with a 32-page magazine including stories, photos, posters, and posters. It’s a dream for every Ramstein fan who loves to have Lindemann hanging above his bed. The magazine will be out on April 13, but fans in Berlin are in luck. There will be a pop-up booth where the magazine will actually be available this weekend.

Not only will there be a magazine for the record, but the song will also be released on 7-inch vinyl.

Joffert Park

When Rammstein’s tour, with which the band will be at the Goffertpark in Nijmegen, was canceled, among other things, due to the pandemic, the members decided to dive into the studio. Flick, the keyboardist, said in an interview with German Motor Music last year that the new album was built out of those sessions.

Rammstein will actually give a performance at Goffertpark in June 2020, which was initially postponed to August 3, 2021. When that performance was also cancelled, July 4, 2022 was chosen as the new date. The band also immediately announced an additional concert on July 5. Both shows are sold out.

Ramstein at NPO Radio 2 Top 2000

In 2021, Rammstein can be found six times in Radio NPO 2 Top 2000, including three times in the top 200 numbers. Du Hast at 140th place was the highest ranked.

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