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Zoetermeer Dagblad | Head of UNESCO “Artificial Intelligence and Data Science” at The Hague University of Applied Sciences

“Artificial Intelligence and Data Science for Society” is the name of the chair recently awarded by UNESCO to The Hague University of Applied Sciences. Lampros Stergioulas is the chair holder.

As a data science lecturer, Stergioulas has been conducting part-time practice-oriented research and developing education in artificial intelligence and data science on key social topics such as health, well-being and sustainability.

“The Chair enables De Haagse to make a greater contribution to a livable and sustainable future, both locally and internationally,” says Elizabeth Miniman of The Hague University of Applied Sciences. “With this, we join a global network of leading universities, colleges and research institutes. As a UNESCO University of Applied Sciences, we contribute to UNESCO’s Sustainable Development Goals. With artificial intelligence and data science, technological advances and the SDGs go hand in hand. With Lampros Stergioulas he will be rudderless doubt success.”

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Promoting citizens’ health

The professorship is part of the Knowledge Center for Health Innovation, which uses social and technological innovations to advance the health of citizens.
The chair has been awarded to The Hague University of Applied Sciences for a period of four years. This period can be extended by UNESCO for another four years. Lampros Stergioulas is expected to deliver his official inauguration speech as chairperson later this year. The chair is then presented and will delve into the content of the research and education program.

Photo: Paul Lieben (Lahaye University of Applied Sciences)