Cheraw Police Department

By Karen Kissiah

July 24, 2014

These people were recently charged by members of the Cheraw Police Department:

• Andropulus Chasino Miller, 25, of 100 Moffat Road, Cheraw, was charged with dissemination of obscene material.

• Ruben Armando Arias, 22, of 149 Blueit Falls, Rockingham, N.C., was charged with giving false information to police.

• Eugene Kyle Sanders, 21, of 124 Aslington St., Rockingham, N.C., was charged with shoplifting.

• Donavan Darnell Johnson, 28, of 203 Godfrey St., Cheraw, was charged with criminal domestic violence.

Arrest reports published in The Cheraw Chronicle are copied from local law enforcement records. Reports include both arrests and criminal summonses such as citations. People charged are presumed innocent until determined to be guilty in a court of law.