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பிடென் | The United States and China are now arguing at the first meeting under

The United States and China blamed each other in the presence of journalists on Thursday. Top ambassadors from both countries have met in person since Joe Biden became president of the United States.

U.S. Secretary of State Anthony Blingen and National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan expressed concern about the situation in Xinjiang, Hong Kong and Taiwan in Alaska’s anchorage. The United States is also concerned about Chinese cyber attacks. “All of these actions threaten global stability,” Blinken said.

Chinese High Commissioner Yang Jiechi responded harshly and took the floor for fifteen minutes during his inaugural statement. Referring to Capitol storm, Yang said in Mandarin that the United States has a problem with democracy and that the country is treating minorities badly. He also accused Americans of interfering in the domestic policies of other countries.

Surprised by Yang’s detailed statement, Blinken asked reporters to take some time to record his reaction. Following that, the Chinese team also took the floor again. Usually there would have been a press moment of 15 minutes, which turned into a crowd of more than an hour.

During high-level meetings, real talks take place behind closed doors, but both delegates struggled when the press had to leave on Thursday.

After the meeting, a senior US official said China had violated the agreed protocol by speaking for more than two minutes. According to him, the Chinese used this moment to “theater” in general for propaganda in China. Instead, China accused the United States of violating ethics.

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The relationship between China and the United States is bad

The talks took place in Alaska after Blingen completed his trip to friendly countries in Asia, including Japan and South Korea. In recent months, Biden’s government has become increasingly critical of human rights abuses in China, much to Beijing’s dismay.

The United States and China began negotiations on a bad footing on Thursday. Under Biden’s predecessor Donald Trump, the relationship between the two powers has been severely cooled by sanctions and tariffs on products.

The United States hopes to improve relations between the two countries with a two-day meeting, but on Wednesday evening the Chinese ambassador to Washington said the country should not have the illusion that Beijing would already compromise. The day before, the US had introduced new sanctions against China over the situation in Hong Kong.