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BBC raises alarm for Myanmar journalist and disappears | Now

The British broadcaster has issued a warning to the BBC as a reporter has been missing in Myanmar for several weeks. Journalist Ang Dura is said to have been abducted from the street by “unidentified men” in the capital, Nei Pai Tawa. Since then, not every trace of him has been found.

Dura reported on the coup on behalf of the BBC. In early February, Myanmar’s military seized power and arrested government leader Aung San Suu Kyi. According to the generals, there was fraud in the elections, which were won by the political party of the Nobel laureate.

Says one of the BBC Report on Twitter Deeply concerned about Dura, he was not seen for several weeks. The British broadcaster has asked local authorities for help.

More journalists have been arrested in the country recently. For example, the German embassy is still in talks to release Polish journalist Robert Fosiaka on behalf of the German press. DPA Is active in the country. He is said to have been arrested approximately in Tongi. In addition, photojournalist Dean Zoe is turning into a newspaper company Andhra Prosecuted for “spreading fear and spreading fake news”.

Since the coup, Myanmar residents have taken to the streets daily to protest the seizure of power. Soldiers continue to target them, resulting in an unknown number of deaths. The death toll varies from a few hundred. Thousands of protesters would have been arrested.

There has been a lot of international criticism of the Myanmar authorities. The European Union may announce sanctions against Myanmar on Monday. Several countries, including New Zealand, have said they will suspend diplomatic relations for the time being.