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வாழ்க | Some Russians vaccinate: Putin | Domestic

15.12 – Putin calls on Russians to get vaccinated after a low turnout

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Sunday called on people to be vaccinated against the corona virus, and some residents have been vaccinated. Many Russians are skeptical about the vaccine.

According to Putin, it is important for people to be vaccinated. “If someone wants to feel confident, not get sick and not have serious consequences from that disease, it is definitely better to get this vaccine,” he told the state channel Rosia-1.

The 68-year-old president was vaccinated Tuesday. It has not been revealed which vaccine was given to him, but it is at least Russian-made. Unlike many world leaders, Putin decided to take a shot behind closed doors.

A spokesman said Putin felt better after being vaccinated. However, let him know that he had some side effects. “I woke up the next morning with mild muscle pain, but I had no height,” Putin said. He also said he felt uncomfortable at the injection site. The Kremlin deliberately did not release the name of the vaccine because “all three Russian vaccines are reliable and effective.”

Russia launched a vaccination campaign in December, but so far about 4 million of its 144 million residents have received two injections. Another 2 million Russians would have had their first shot.

A recent poll shows that less than a third of the Russian population is ready to be vaccinated against the corona virus. Two-thirds of the population would believe that the virus was created as a “biological weapon.”

Russia is one of the countries most affected by the corona virus. To date, more than 4.5 million people have been affected. More than 200,000 Russians are said to have died as a result of Govt-19, although the country has the lowest figures.

13.10 – A test every 72 hours

Truck drivers traveling to the UK from abroad will face a mandatory corona test from April 6. They should initially be tested within 48 hours. After that, Transport Minister Grant Shops says a corona test should be followed every 72 hours.

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The UK wants to better monitor the spread of new corona species with these new rules. Mutated versions of the virus are highly contagious. The UK government had already banned non-essential international travel, but lorry drivers were not subject to that travel ban.

The new test requirement only applies to truck drivers staying in the UK for more than two days. Drivers are exempt from what is known as the Common Travel Area, which includes neighboring Ireland and the Channel Islands.

Similar rules caused chaos in the southwest of the UK at the end of last year. At the time, it was a test duty introduced by France for truck drivers in the United Kingdom. An insider said Friday that tests were expected to be fast enough at this time. As a result, there should be no major difficulties now.

10.56 – German hospitals have a lower probability of death

The mortality rate of corona patients in German teaching hospitals was lower than last year. Researchers at the University of Erlangen say this may be due to improved therapies and more experience by medical teams.

The researchers looked at data from about 1,300 corona patients in 14 hospitals. One-fifth (20.7 percent) of corona patients died there from January to April. After that, there was a significant decline. The death rate between May and September was 12.7 percent.

That percentage is significantly higher if only patients in intensive care are considered. There, 39.8 percent of those who needed artificial respiration died in the first months of the year. In later months it was 33.7 percent, one-third of patients.

More than 75,000 deaths have been reported by the virus in Germany since the outbreak began. The country has been locked up since December, but some states are increasingly choosing their own corona policy. Little Charland, for example, wants to loosen the locking measures drastically after Easter.

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07.10-‘Ka Picnic ‘

Catering entrepreneurs hope to greet many in the inner cities for a rural tourism moment late on Sunday. The idea of ​​a tour to support entrepreneurs appeared in Preeta, where a similar effort was underway at the end of February. According to the founders, entrepreneurs from various cities, including Alkmaar, Maastricht, Bergen of Zoom and Wenrey, are participating.

Tourists do not need to bring their own food and drink. Pubs and restaurants use their take-out function to serve food and drinks to everyone. Tourism is a response to the cabinet decision to temporarily cover the terraces.

Branch organization Koninglijke Horeka said the Netherlands had previously understood the initiative. The organization hopes that this campaign will send a clear signal to the hack. Because, “water is on the lips of many entrepreneurs.” According to KHN, the catering industry can be safely opened in accordance with Corona regulations.

06.40 – Infections down Germany

The number of new corona cases in Germany is again lower than the previous day. The Robert Koch Institute (RKI), the German representative of RIVM, registered 17,176 new corona infections on Sunday morning.

The previous day, 20,472 new cases had been reported, up from about 21,573 on Friday.

In all, the corona virus has been detected in 2,772,401 people living in Germany since the outbreak. In the last 24 hours, 90 more people have died from the effects of Govt-19. The corona virus has now killed at least 75,870 lives in Germany.

In Germany, locking runs at least until April 18th. Merkel’s decision to limit the number of social interactions around Easter to activities was withdrawn after a storm of criticism on Wednesday.

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