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வாழ்க | UK gets free quick checkup twice a week | Domestic

6.35 – Free quick test twice a week

Twice a week from April 9 the UK can conduct a free corona quick test. The British government announced this on Monday. Residents receive the tests offered to their homes, or they can purchase them through their workplace or from local test routes. Tests are also conducted in schools.

Until now, people in the UK could only get a free quick check if they belonged to a high-risk group or had to leave home to go to work.

Through a comprehensive testing program, the government hopes to quickly detect outbreaks and, for example, detect infections in asymptomatic people. According to the government, rapid tests have detected more than 120,000 infections, otherwise they would not have been detected.

Rapid tests, in conjunction with the vaccination program, should allow measures to be relaxed.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Monday will update the blueprint for the UK’s corona operations and announce plans to reopen the country’s economy.

Johnson is expected to announce that non-essential stores and hairdressers will reopen on April 12th. He will further clarify the investigation through the ‘Corona Passports’ starting April 16th. This means that those with a vaccination certificate or recent negative results can attend sports competitions or other events.

6.32 – Number of infections in a single day in India

New Delhi (ANP / RTR) – India reported 103,558 new infections on Monday, the largest daily increase in the country to date. This is according to the latest data from the Indian Ministry of Health. The number of confirmed infections in India is now 12.6 million.

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The country is the third largest country with confirmed cases worldwide. The United States ranks first with more than 30.7 million cases and Brazil with more than 13 million epidemics.

6.30 – ‘Vaccine Marathon’ at the German Army Vaccine Center

The first German vaccination center run by Pantesware is operational 24 hours a day from Sunday. With 110 soldiers, the center in Leibniz can pay up to a thousand injections every day, according to the German Ministry of Defense. As of May, about 14,000 night vaccination appointments have been made at the center.

The center is located in a military base in the state of Charland, near the French border. The German Armed Forces had previously stationed about five hundred soldiers in Charland. Among other things, they conduct source and communication research and conduct corona experiments in nursing homes.

Charlende Prime Minister Tobias Hans announced a “vaccination marathon” a few days ago because his state received an additional 81,900 Pfizer / Bioendech vaccines. So many vaccination centers have been opened in the state during the Easter festival.