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There are many vaccines in Serbia, there is a choice for it, buses are coming from neighboring countries

Anyone wishing to be vaccinated must fill out a form online and register. You can tick the material of your choice: AstroGeneca, Pfizer / Bioentech, Sputnik or Sinoform. You will receive a reminder for a second vaccination a few weeks after the injection appointment. Doctors, teachers, nurses and refugees are now largely vaccinated.

The main reason for the existence of such a vaccine in Serbia is the good relations with the three major powers. Beijing has a lot of investment in Serbia, and Moscow has been an important ally for many years. Brussels is not happy about this on a geopolitical level, as Serbia also wants to join the EU.

The Diplomatic Equality Act provides for vaccinations for Belgrade from the East and the West. Balkan reporter David John Godfrey: “Serbs have enough, many countries can not say that.”


Faster speeds are also a downside, Godfrey explains. “People who want to be vaccinated are slowly leaving.” This is because, like the rest of Europe, there is opposition to the vaccination program. Add to that the fact that government distrust in Serbia is already substantial.

Last week, several prominent anti-vaccine activists were arrested in Belgrade. Leading psychiatrist Joanna Stojkovic was questioned at a police station on Thursday. 5 more were arrested.

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