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10 Facts About MLS: Natalie Portman At The Head Of Driving, Disney Festival And Remembering Kubo?  |  MLS

10 Facts About MLS: Natalie Portman At The Head Of Driving, Disney Festival And Remembering Kubo? | MLS

Major League Soccer (MLS) started again this weekend. Here are some facts about the bright outdoor competition. For example, did you already know that Natalie Portman and Matthew McConaughey are co-owners of MLS?

1. Celebrities and top athletes at the helm of the MLS

MLS is supported by a legion of celebrities. A large number of actors, actresses and former top athletes have already invested in the local MLS club.

The best known example is David Beckham Who founded Inter Miami FC, but the former soccer star is not the only one who has committed to American football so far.

Also Matthew McConaughey On Will Ferrell Likewise, Oscar-winning McConaughey was co-owner of the new Austin FC MLS team. Will Ferrell in turn co-owns the Los Angeles team, Carlos Vela.

The cast looks in the eye this weekend. The duo has actually started a psychological war on social media (see tweet below).

Besides squabbling actors and rappers Maclemore, Who have invested in Seattle Sounders, there are also many (former) top athletes who have co-owned a club.

Basketball Kevin Durant (Philadelphia Union) en James Harden (Houston Dynamo) Nomar Garciapara On Magic Johnson At LAFC, Russell Wilson (Seattle Sounders) en Steve Nash In Vancouver Whitecaps.

2. Her counterpart also attracts celebrities

NWSL can also count on a number of well-known names to contribute. Especially since Angel City FC, who will compete next year, has a wide entourage of celebrities.

Among the other actresses Natalie Portman On Jessica ChastainPresenter of the “Late Late Show” James Corden, Football players Abby Wambak On Lauren Holiday And a tennis player Serena Williams There are co-owners.

3. Mickey Mouse Championships saved the league furniture in 2020

MLS was just two days away from the match last year when the coronavirus had already stopped the competition. Major League Soccer did not resume until four months later.

26 American football clubs have gone to amusement parks Walt Disney In Orlando to participate in the “MLS Return Championship”. They were divided into 6 groups and had to complete 3 team matches.

Only 16 teams (Nos 1, 2, and Best No 3) reached the knockout stages, with the winner able to grab a ticket to the CONCACAF Champions League.

After the Disney Championships, the season continued in its stadiums. Columbus Crew SC emerged as a winner.

MLS is back in … Disney World.

4. Al Ain also want something in MLS

The clubs in the NFL are doing their best year after year to portray themselves as a stylish product, with modern logos, glamorous social media accounts, and pretty shirts posing themselves on the market.

Of course, there are differences in tastes and differences, but this year as well, some clubs have created stylish shirt designs. See the outfits Pozuelo and his teammates can wear this season below:

5. “European toppers lamps in MLS out” are obsolete

It looks like the time when major European stars have gone to MLS to do a sequel to their careers is over. However, the list of “washing old” stars who have left for America in recent years is generous.

Just think about it Schweinsteiger, Villa, Lampard, Drogba, Pirlo, Kaka, Rooney, Ibrahimovi, Beckham On Thierry Henry.

This year the flow is much thinner. Beckham still has it Gonzalo Higuain (33) Blaise Matuidi (34) in his heart at Inter Miami.

Also Nani (34), Carlos Candle (32) in Alexander Pato (31) He still plays in the NBA, but the guy with the charisma of Rooney or Lampard is not here this year.

6. False start for Beckham in MLS, Neville to the rescue

Last season debuted on March 1, 2020 Inter Miami CF, Team David Beckham In the MLS. Due to the Corona pandemic and the disappointing performances, he had been waiting until August 23 before Miami could win for the first time.

Beckham’s team won only seven games last season and failed to achieve the desired result. The team hopes to be on time this year.

Coach Diego Alonso has already been fired. Hope hangs in the hands of the former Manchester United player this season Phil Neville.

The Englishman could indeed count on some new forces. Among others, he joined Dutchman Kelvin Lierdam from competitor Seattle Sounders and Nick Marcmann from Feyenoord. Neville can also count on fellow Stoke City defender Ryan Shawcross for revenge.

7. DC United turns a little black, yellow and red this year

Nicholas Frutus On Hernan Losada They are the alternate strategists at DC United this season. Frutos will be the new assistant coach for Hernan Losada, Manchester United. The duo has been active as a player and coach in the Jupiler Pro League.

DC United, The new employer of Argentine coach duo, has a rich history in MLS. They have already become 4-time MLS champions, but last year things went much less smoothly.

Washington’s team only managed to win 5 times, and thus ranked penultimate in Eastern Conference (Read on for an explanation of what the MLS was like).

“After the departure of Wayne Rooney (in January 2020), his void has not been filled. In this sense, the arrival of Losada is part of a new step within the club. They are looking for a new identity,” the MLS expert said. Barry Pauls on the move from Losada.

Losada and Frutos as players in Anderlecht.

8. Losada and Frutos are not the only old acquaintances

In addition to the Losada / Frutos coaching duo, MLS also includes some old friends from the Jupiler Pro League.

Laurent Seaman For example. After years of (literally) defending the colors of Montreal, the former Red Devil returns to Canada to work as an assistant coach.

In addition to the three coaches, there are also a lot of players known throughout the American stadiums. So it became Alejandro PozueloThe, who previously created the beautiful weather in Genk, was voted Player of the Year 2020. He can again make a buzz this year at the Toronto American Football Club.

As well as the former general of Club Bruges, Victor Vazquez, A former AA Gent striker Yuya Kobo Take a shot at the MLS title. They play for Los Angeles Galaxy and FC Cincinnati respectively.

Former Anderlecht winger, Andy Carpenter, He would in turn be on the right track to get from Los Angeles FC to Losada’s DC United.

9.13 teams in the West and 14 in the East

MLS does not have 1, but 2 parsecs. Similar to the NBA, the competition is divided into one Eastern Conference And prof Western conference.

This year, with the addition of Austin FC (Matthew McConaugues’ Team), there will be 13 teams in the West and 14 teams in the East. The regular season consists of 34 matches and takes place from April to November.

The top seven teams from each conference Then go in Qualifiers Looking for a championship in MLS. Last year, the Columbus Crew SC was allowed to triumph at the end of the tour.

10. MLS fires 20 percent of its employees

Major League Soccer lost about $ 1 billion due to Corona Crisis. “The losses are enormous,” she says.

“Clubs should be as strict as possible regarding their finances,” said MLS Commissioner Don Garber. “We will have to adapt, and this is the reality when you lead a professional sports competition during the pandemic.”

So MLS fired 20 percent of its employees, and many club workers have also been laid off. Meanwhile, players allowed a five percent pay cut.

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