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1.175 karaat: op twee na grootste diamant ter wereld aangekomen in Antwerpen

1175 carats: the third largest diamond in the world has arrived … (Antwerp)

Antwerp –

The world’s third largest diamond arrived in Antwerp on Monday for analysis and processing. It is a rough diamond weighing 1,175 carats that was mined in a mine in Botswana. The value of a diamond can be determined only after a thorough analysis, but it may amount to several tens of millions of euros.

The diamond is part of a larger group of five pieces that collectively weigh 2,500 carats. It comes from the Karoy mine in Botswana, where diamonds are detected with a scanning device before they are extracted. As a result, it cannot collapse during extraction.

Over the next four to six months, the cut, including the third largest diamond at 1,175 carats, will be meticulously analyzed to determine its composition, quality, thickness and clarity. Once this is done, the diamond will go on a journey. “People should be able to see this and take it in their own hands before we cut them into smaller diamonds and process them into jewellery,” says Rafael Babismedov of diamond company HP Antwerp. “Next stop in New York, what comes next is not clear yet.”

The stone is at least 1.5 billion years old, and its value can be determined only after the analyzes are completed and it becomes clear how it will be processed. “The diamonds were brought to Antwerp because we are the only city in the world that can process this type of diamond,” says Babismedov. “It is truly a unique stone, the purity and transparency are invisible.”

“We are looking forward to working with this stone,” company spokeswoman Margo Duncker said. “Thanks to the way we work, the government of Botswana will also be involved in the whole process, so that the people of Botswana can also enjoy maximum benefits from these extraordinary discoveries.”

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The stone has not yet been named, but will be named after a competition with locals near the mine in Botswana.