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2021 was the worst: 2 billion (!) Liters of wine lost worldwide

By 2021, world wine production is expected to fall by 4 percent to 250 million hectoliters (25 billion liters). Despite the good harvest popular in the southern hemisphere. But the severe weather that hit Europe caused a catastrophe.

Seems from Van de International Organization for Wine & Wine (OIV). He attributed the decline to “the severe impact of climate challenges in Europe, despite increased harvests in many countries in the southern hemisphere.”

Europe’s largest producers, France, Spain and Italy, have lost 22 million hectoliters (2.2 billion liters) of wine production due to weather-related factors such as snow, hail and fungus. France will be able to enjoy its smallest antiquity in decades and will rank third behind Spain in the world wine production rankings.

The French harvest for 2021 is expected to reach 34.2 million hectoliters (mhl), down 27 percent from 2020. Spain is expected to produce 35 million hectoliters, down 14 percent. Italy, the world’s largest producer, will harvest 44.5 million hectoliters in 2021, a 9 percent drop from 2020.

Not drama all over Europe

Germany sees a large production, 4 percent more than 8.8 million hectoliters. Portugal also performed well: they see 6.5 million hectoliters, one percent more than by 2020. Romania had the best year: a further 27 percent to 5.3 million hectoliters. Hungary was up 6 percent this year with 3.1 million hectoliters. Austria was 4 percent worse (2.3 mhl hectoliter), while Greece was 26 percent worse (1.9 million mhl). Croatia (-13 percent to 0.7 mL), Slovenia (-26 percent to 0.5 mL), Switzerland (-10%, 0.8 mL) and Slovakia (-2 percent, 0.3 million hectoliters) had the worst year.

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Bulgaria (+7%, 0.9mhl), Czech Republic (+2%, 0.6mol), Russia (+2%, 4.5mol), Georgia (+22%, 2.2mhl) and Moldova (+20%, 1; 1; 1) mhl) was fine. This also applies to the United States, the largest wine producer on the American continent (+ 6%, 24.1 mhl).

Best year in the Southern Hemisphere

Many countries in the southern hemisphere saw the most harvest years in 2021. Both Australia and Chile have increased wine production by 30 percent since 2020 to 14.2 and 13.4 million hectoliters, respectively. Argentina did 16 percent better (12, mhl), while Brazil did 60 percent (3.6 mhl). Also better: South Africa (+ 2%, 10.6 mhl) and Uruguay (+ 8%, 0.7 mhl). New Zealand (-19%, 2.7 ml) was the only wine country to be affected.

Globally, 2021 is the third year in a row that global wine production has been below average.