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Ochoa (formerly standard) outraged by US: ‘man in the mirror’

From United States Friday night won 2-0 Mexico, But at the end of the game it was not about winning. Christian Police After his target, he showed a shirt with the text ‘Man in the Mirror’ Mexico– Guardian Guillermo Ochoa.

The rivalry between the United States and Mexico will always be fierce, and Ochoa, who has been under the influence of the Standard League in the past, decided to throw a little oil on the fire before the game. He said, ‘Mexico is the glass in it United States To see themselves’. However, the police calmed down Ochoa by showing him the shirt ‘Man in the Mirror’ after the 1-0 draw.

“I think you understood the message,” Pulicic said after the game. “I don’t have to say much about it. It’s not a big deal or an attempt to cause a riot. It was an idea that popped into my head,” the Chelsea player said.

With a goal from Weston McKennie, the United States won 2-0. It ranks first in the North American qualifying team by goal difference. Mexico has the same number of points, while Canada is one point behind. Edson Alvarez played 83 minutes for Mexico.

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