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3 Reasons Why It’s OK to Buy a 4G Smartphone in 2021

3 Reasons Why It’s OK to Buy a 4G Smartphone in 2021

5G has been active in the Netherlands for a year, and there are now dozens of 5G smartphones for sale. If you’re considering a new device, 5G could be interesting. But buying a 4G smartphone in 2021 isn’t that crazy.

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Buying a 4G Smartphone in 2021

5G is the successor to 4G and makes mobile internet faster. Providers activated their 5G networks in the Netherlands a year ago and the first 5G phones also appeared at that time. The show has now grown exponentially and there are also many more 5G smartphones under 250 euros أقل for sale. It is only a matter of time before 5G support is available in all smartphones, but it is not yet achieved.

There are still a lot of choices of 4G smartphones. Although manufacturers and service providers are doing their best to let you choose a 5G device, you can easily buy a 4G smartphone in 2021. Android Planet He gives three reasons. Do you read with time?

1. 5G will not be faster than 4G until the end of 2022

First of all, the added value of 5G in 2021 is still very limited. This is because 5G operates in practically the same frequency bands as 4G, so the 5G network is not faster than 4G in practice. That won’t change until the fall of 2022, when the government auctions off the 3.5GHz frequency.

Providers can then “activate” 5G on that frequency, and then you can take advantage of higher upload and download speeds. But this will take about a year and a half. If you plan to use your new smartphone for a maximum of two years, you will only notice 5G improvements at the end.

Android Planet– The editor calls Bram the delay in the higher speed in his opinion that it is from the current 5G setbacks in the Netherlands.

2. 4G is fast and will last for years

The second argument for buying a 4G smartphone in 2021 is that the 4G network is well put together and will stay in place. 4G is available practically throughout the Netherlands, achieves high upload and download speeds and all service providers sell 4G subscriptions at competitive prices.

4G speeds are faster than many WiFi networks and more than enough to do everything on your smartphone at home and on the road. Moreover, 4G will still be available “normally”, even if 5G becomes a lot faster. Providers will keep your 4G network running for many years to come, so your 4G device will continue to function properly. By the time 4G disappears, we will be several generations of smartphones.

3. 5G smartphones are not necessarily better

The third reason to consider a 4G device is that a 5G smartphone is not necessarily better. Of course 5G support is a plus because you are ready for faster mobile internet, but don’t stare at it blindly. Other specifications are of greater importance.

A good example of this is Samsung Galaxy A32. It is available as a 4G and 5G version. The 5G variant is tens of euros more expensive, but it has a not very nice LCD screen with low HD resolution and a standard refresh rate of 60 Hz.

The 4G model, on the other hand, has a beautiful OLED display with Full HD resolution and shows a smoother picture thanks to the 90Hz refresh rate. You will notice the difference in screen quality from day one and continuously, while the added value of 5G will only appear at the end of 2022.

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