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Facebook is testing a popup in the US asking users if a friend is an ‘extremist’ – IT Pro – News

The most important thing for me so far is that Facebook is doing a proper investigation to examine how their platform is radicalizing people in whatever direction, right or left or not, I don’t care.
I vote right, vote left, popular views and unpopular views, and I’d like to keep that.
What I’m experiencing is that I’ve seen relatively many people in and out of my environment in the last +-8 years fall into extremes in all its forms.
Discussing any topic in a civilized manner has become completely impossible on Facebook, in part due to the far-reaching polarization that Facebook has created.
And Facebook with their algorithms, interest bubbles and sorting method helped a lot with this.

A platform like Facebook should foster a culture of openness and understanding, not a 1 where everyone sees people with different opinions as dangerous demons, and where everyone is motivated to delve deeper into their own beliefs and rightness.
Expose people to different opinions, let them choose how to arrange their schedule, and have clear rules to follow that I can follow.

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