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300 clothes and a 393-meter ball gown: A behind-the-scenes look at “Cruella” with costume designer Jenny Bevan |  Nina

300 clothes and a 393-meter ball gown: A behind-the-scenes look at “Cruella” with costume designer Jenny Bevan | Nina

Starting today, Cruella, the most famous Disney villain with his fondness for innocent dogs, can be seen on Disney +. Reviews are mostly positive. With great courtesy of acting and beautiful costumes. The latter is the sheer feat and feat of twice-Oscar-winning British fashion designer Jenny Bevan (71). NINA zoomed in on the already iconic look. “Punk opposed the foundation, and that’s what Cruella does.”

For Beavan, who isn’t made of a small character and already has ten Oscar nominations to her account, Cruella is the greatest thing she’s ever done. For Cruella’s character alone, this time impressively by A-lister Emma Stone, she created 47 looks, including a 393-meter-long organza ball gown that covers an entire car in one scene. The tricky thing is that she designed nearly 300 uniforms for the entire crew in a ridiculously short period of time: 10 weeks, plus an additional 6 weeks when Emma Stone was recovering from a shoulder injury.

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Emma Stone Al Cruila. © Lori Sparham

“It had to go quickly,” she says. At the last minute, a hole opened up in Emma Stone’s agenda. I got a text message from the director if I was free. I think everyone has already thanked it wisely. (Laugh) But I like the challenge. Nor did I have to manage it on my own. She led a team of five designers, fabric buyers, and model makers … a huge operation. For example, in a dress with a long train, the Five Thousand Leaves are handcrafted. Lots of students gave it a lot of work and it took a ridiculously large space to put it down. To be honest, I never thought in my life that I would be partnering with Cruella. After all, fashion isn’t my cup of tea. But I am a storyteller, and I see this film mainly as a story. “


We tried to get past the early 1970s for the sake of fashion, but it didn’t work out at all.

Jenny Bevan (71), costume designer and two-time Oscar winner

“It’s about two competitors,” says Jenny Bevan. “The baroness, a fashion singer who is past its expiration date, and Cruila is her opposite. She is a rebel, the little girl who has a difficult childhood but has a passion for fashion. The movie is set in the 1970s in London. I knew I could handle the fashion element, because I lived that period. Myself in london.During the build process, I used to live constantly when I was young, still working in the theater world and not having a lot of money.Only that time is definitely over, also in fashion.We tried to get past the early 1970s for the sake of fashion, but it didn’t work out All. We had to loosen up a few clicks. “

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Fashion designer Jenny Bevan.

Fashion designer Jenny Bevan. © Lori Sparham

Punk is alive

She found her inspiration for Cruella clothing from famous British designers such as Alexander McQueen and punk legend Vivienne Westwood and John Galliano. “Punk exhibited the foundation, and that’s what Cruella does. The color palette that distinguishes her is strong in red, black and white. The Baroness, on the other hand, is the established order and remains in status quo. For her, I saw mostly sculptural pieces, very inspired by Dior and definitely Cristóbal Balenciaga. Also… I also gave her a lot of sweat Chunky Jewelery. You definitely recognize her in the style of glamorous old Hollywood singers, like Joan Crawford and Elizabeth Taylor. Emma Thompson, who plays the baroness in a superb way, is definitely not tall, but she does look in costume with a bust. It’s great to see how a piece of clothing can change a person. “

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Emma Stone Al Cruila.

Emma Stone Al Cruila. © Lori Sparham

Jenny Bevan has never worked with Emma Stone before, but Emma Thompson is her old acquaintance. They have known each other since 1983, when both worked primarily for Merchant Ivory, a British film company that specializes in historical fashion dramas. She did “The Remains of the Day” and “Howard’s End” with Emma. Jenny also won an Oscar for the last film.


I am the Corrupt People Watcher. I am especially fatal in the subway.

Jenny Bevan (71), costume designer and two-time Oscar winner

The second won’t follow until 2016, for Mad Max: Fury Road. From historical costume drama to epic apocalypse. These are two completely different worlds. How do you make this click? “That’s just my job. Every movie is different, but whether it’s Cruella or Mad Max – there’s a sequel coming, by the way – the story is always there. That variety makes it fun.”

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Emma Thompson as well as Baroness.

Emma Thompson as well as Baroness. © Lori Sparham

Spy on the subway

All of these projects – there are three in the pipeline – preserve their youth and freshness. Only seventy years later, Bevan hadn’t even thought of quitting. “As long as they ask me, I’ll continue. My inspiration has never dried out either. The streets are mine of gold. I watch rotten people. I’m especially deadly on the subway. Then I pretend I’m playing my cell phone, but I’m actually checking everyone out. I often see outfits that make me think: If you use that in a movie, no cat will believe me. “

Cruella is now on Disney + and in theaters June 9.

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