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Heavy censorship over the meeting of "friends" for Chinese TV |  Reunion "friends"

Heavy censorship over the meeting of “friends” for Chinese TV | Reunion “friends”

TVThe reunion episode of the American comedy series “Friends” was not aired in China as presented by HBO Max. The various broadcast services in which the show can be watched in China cut about six minutes of material. According to the broadcasters, these images “cannot be broadcast,” according to Variety.

Among other things, the photos of South Korean boy group BTS have been removed. K-pop artists are said to have talked negatively about China in the past. A shot of Matt LeBlanc (Joey Tribbiani) was also not allowed to be shown in his underwear. And by no means is this all, as a series of comments from gay fans have also been cut short.

The contributions of Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber cannot be seen in China either. Lady Gaga and Bieber have spoken out on several occasions against Communist rule in China. Moreover, Gaga himself has not been welcomed in China since 2016. The reason is her meeting with the Dalai Lama, the spiritual leader of Tibet that China occupied in 1951. Bieber was banned from the country forever in 2017 after a number of incidents that were unacceptable on The launch is according to the government.

Chinese fans, of course, are not happy about the censorship. Will we go back to the time of the isolationist Qing Dynasty completely isolated from the rest of the world? A fan wondered on Weibo, the Chinese variant of Twitter.

The special “Friends” show is available from Tuesday 1 June Streamz And once at Play 4, Tuesday evening 8:35 pm.

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