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33 radio stations from 162 countries will broadcast WTCR in 2021

WTCR – The FIA ​​World Tour Car Cup presentation event will be held in 162 countries by 2021, confirmed by the ratification of 2021 broadcast deals.

They will offer a mix of live coverage, race highlights and current event programming throughout the 2021 season, kicked off this weekend at Norbergring Nordsleaf in the world’s toughest route.

With WTCR having the largest broadcast distribution in its history and an overall audience of 330.3 million, the broadcasting partnership so far will produce better viewing figures than by 2020.

Germany’s WTCR will be the first of eight events scheduled between June and November to see 22 touring car racers from around the world, representing 12 countries and five different car brands.

At least 14 broadcasters will broadcast all the events live, while WTCR also benefits from advanced news access deals with SNTV, Motorsport TV and Eurovision to increase its visibility.

WTCR goes beyond traditional linear coverage on major OTT platforms, including Eurosport Player, Motor Trend on Demand in North America, Tencent and Motorsport TV in China and Gayo Sports in Australia.

In addition to live broadcasts on Eurosport available in more than 70 countries in Europe and the Asia-Pacific region, existing WTCR broadcasting deals have been expanded worldwide, giving it incredible appeal, sprint type and bumper-to-bumper racing design.

In addition to multi-year partnerships, WTCR Advertising Eurosport Events, through its Discovery subsidiary division, has signed new agreements with Claro Sports in Central and Latin America, Dubai Sports in the Middle East and North Africa and Fox Sports in Australia. . Discussions are underway with several potential partners to expand the initial list.

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Below are the Global Broadcasting Partnerships that have performed so far in the 2021 season:

Eurosport (54 lands)
Diario A.S., Spain
Channel 9, Sweden
Motovizza, Bologna
RTPF, Belgium
RDL 7, Netherlands
RTVS, Slovakia
Sports Television, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia
TV 3 Game, Baltic Sea

Channel 7, Argentina
Channel 12, Uruguay
Claro Sports (new), Central and Latin America (17 countries)
Fox Sports, Mexico
Motor Trend, Canada, V.S.
VTV, Uruguay

Asia Pacific
Eurosport (9 lands)
Astro, Brunei and Malaysia
beIN Sports, Southeast Asia (8 countries)
CCTV, China
Fox Sports (new), Australia
J Sports, Japan
Sky, New Zealand
Tencent, China

Africa and the Middle East
beIN Games (Fee 24)
Dubai Games (new) (24 countries)
Start time, sub-Saharan Africa
Supersports (54 countries)

The news spreads all over the world
SNTV and Eurovision (news agency distribution)
MotorsportTV (digital platforms)
Planet Speed, DCR-Magazine (Vermelt in Motorsport Magazine)

FranTois Ribeiro, president of Eurosport Events, a WTCR publicist, said: “With an audience of 330.3 million, WTCR will be viewed by 2020, by far the largest number of global broadcasters in the world. While the WTCR is still living in an unprecedented era of epidemics, the WTCR has once again delivered a great mix of “livestream packages and spotlight packages, but instead of 162 countries it is 135 as it was in 2020. This is great news for all our partners, but we also have an expansion.” Filtering on platforms, especially Eurosport players goes beyond traditional linear coverage with viewers. “

Viewers are encouraged to check local listings, and WTCR social media channels for nationwide broadcast information.

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