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The United States and China are working together on the climate crisis

The United States and China are “committed to working together” on the key issue of climate change. The two countries announced this in a joint statement on Saturday on the sidelines of the visit of US Climate Ambassador John Kerry to Shanghai.

Read the statement signed by John Kerry and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinhua: “The United States and China work with each other and with other countries to resolve the climate crisis, which must be dealt with seriously and urgently.”

This text highlights the various possibilities for cooperation between the world’s two largest economies. Those economies together account for half of the greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change.

Kerry, the first government official in the administration of President Joe Biden, has visited China. Despite the sharp differences of opinion on several files, the visit raises hopes that the two parties can work together on a global issue such as the climate crisis.

Biden has broken the policies of his predecessor Donald Trump by all means and made climate an absolute priority. He has always portrayed himself as an ardent supporter of the fossil fuel industry and withdrew his country from the Paris climate deal. Joe Biden changed that trip immediately after taking office.

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