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3DMark results for Samsung Exynos-soc with AMD RDNA 2 GPU appear online – tablets and phones – News

It looks like Samsung is testing the upcoming Exynos soc with an AMD GPU. Samsung well knownleaker Ice universe. The chip in question is superior to the current SOCs of high-end smartphones from other chip manufacturers.

The test chip contains Cortex-A77 cores from Arm and an RDNA 2 GPU from AMD. soc achieves a score of 8134 on the 3DMark Wild Life benchmark, writes Snowworld on Twitter. This would make the RDNA 2 GPU in an Exynos chip better than all current Qualcomm and Samsung socs for Android smartphones. This segment also scores higher than Apple’s iPhone 12 series. The leaker states that each test with Exynos-soc gives a different result, and therefore these numbers should be taken with caution.

To clarify: Check the Galaxy S21+ with the current Samsung Exynos 2100 chip According to 3DMark developer Snapdragon 888 has a score of 5538. Snapdragon 888 has a score of 5823. The A14 Bionic-soc in the iPhone 12 series scored 7671 max, although the A14 in the iPad Air is good for a score of 8507, likely due to the larger tablet cooling surface . The Apple M1 chip in the new iPad Pro scores 17,133.

Made by Samsung and AMD Already known in 2019 The two companies will jointly manufacture smartphone chips. in June AMD shared more details about cooperation. The company then confirmed that the upcoming Exynos soc will have an integrated RDNA 2 GPU with hardware support for ray tracing and Variable rate shader. to me Previous rumors Samsung announced its first Exynos chip with an AMD GPU in July.

Source: ice universeAnd the Via Twitter