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The government wants to make Flanders a 'European hotspot for medical technology' |  interior

The government wants to make Flanders a ‘European hotspot for medical technology’ | interior

The Flemish government wants to strengthen Flanders’ role as a health technology hotspot. Therefore, it recognizes the sector as the seventh bloc to spearhead.

With the bloc’s politics, the Flemish government wants to tap untapped economic potential through partnerships. A cluster is a network of companies that cooperate extensively with each other, with knowledge centers and with the government. For example, there is a “blue block” of activities at sea, and a food group.

Flanders.Health is the seventh group. The goal is to create more collaboration on topics such as personalized and digital medicine, effective healthcare, and pioneering healthcare innovations. The sector is growing rapidly and becoming more diversified.

More than 70 partners have already committed to the project. This relates to 45 small and medium-sized companies, fourteen large companies, four university hospitals, the Zorgnet-Icuro umbrella consortium, five sectoral associations, three strategic research centers, and five universities.

in millions of euros

In the coming months, the first call for €6.5 million to fund research and development related to the topics will be launched. Next year, the amount of the aid will be increased to 8 million euros.

“We are making Flanders a hotspot in Europe for medical technologies and high-quality care,” says Minister for Innovation Loans. “By working together to innovate in healthcare, we are not only creating a catalytic impact for our Flemish economy, but above all ensuring better healthcare for all. Caring for the future will be more individualised, effective and cheaper for people.”

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