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4 advantages of a steel door in your home

4 advantages of a steel door in your home

In the The second episode of the new season From Buy Without Watching Merrill and Yurt are surprised by a beautiful single-family home in Assendelft. Immediately upon entering their new home, you will notice the black steel door from the hall to the living room. An inner element you see more and more often, and for good reason! It has many advantages for adding such an eye-catching steel (or aluminum) to your interior. We have listed these benefits for you with SimpelGers door specialist.

1. Wide feeling and more light

The big advantage of a steel door with glass compared to a regular “closed” door is of course that you can see through it and more light enters adjacent rooms. This in turn ensures that these spaces appear larger and form more than just a closed door between the two spaces. And what about Steel wall or room divider When do you want to divide a space (eg into a living and working area)? Using this wall or partition, you can create a clear division, without pulling the light from one or both rooms.

2. No more old skylights

In many homes you see those little windows above the interior doors, we call them skylights. They are installed to let some light in from room to room, but they usually aren’t really pretty…With steel or aluminum interior doors, you don’t need those old-fashioned skylights anymore. The frame of these doors can extend to the ceiling as well as your door! In addition to the extra light this allows, it also makes your rooms appear higher. And if you now have a room that you prefer to hide from view (for example, a toilet room or a closet), consider using steel or Aluminum door with frosted glass. This makes the door less transparent, but you retain the spatial effect.

3. Easy to install

Would you like such a beautiful steel door, but look forward to the renovation involved? No need, because a door from SimpelGers will be placed in front of you, and it will be done in a jiffy. Your existing frame is being used or doors are made with it New matching frame Spread. Is it worth it?

4. Real eye-catching in every underwear

employment another but certainly not less A steel door gives an instant upgrade to any interior. The combination of durable and strong materials with a sleek and slim design makes them eye-catching and truly complimenting your space. And at first you might think that such a door would basically fit into a stylish and modern interior, but a steel door certainly doesn’t look out of place in a more classic or rustic interior, and can provide a very beautiful and elegant contrast.

Are you inspired and want to learn more about SimpelGers doors? Go to the website for more information and an overview of all options.