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Primeur voor België: kankerbehandeling in vijf dagen voor patiënten met prostaat- of darmkanker

First for Belgium: Cure Cancer in Five Days for …

At UZ Brussel, patients with prostate cancer or colorectal cancer can now be treated with MRI-guided radiation therapy in five days, instead of four to eight weeks. This is a first for Belgium, according to the Brussels Hospital.

UZ Brussel is the first hospital in Belgium to treat patients with prostate and rectal cancer, among other things, with pioneering radiotherapy via a new MRI machine. This device combines advanced imaging via MRI scans with targeted radiation to treat tumors better, faster and with fewer side effects on patients.

“The biggest advantage for our patients is that the MRI allows the treatment time to be shortened. At present, radiotherapy for a prostate cancer patient lasts four to eight weeks, with short daily radiation. This provides healthy tissues with an opportunity to recover in between,” says Professor Mark de Rieder, Head of Radiation therapy and oncology care program coordinator. With MRI, the cumulative radiation dose is given within one week, often with better efficiency and with fewer side effects, because healthy organs are preserved.

Prostate and colon cancer are among the four most common types of cancer, along with breast cancer and lung cancer.

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