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4 best iPhone apps and games for week 19

4 best iPhone apps and games for week 19

Before the new week begins, we look back again on the past days. IPhoned editors listed the best iPhone apps and updates for you this week.

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Best iPhone apps and games for this week

The App Store works overtime every week. New apps, updates to existing software, and all kinds of games appear on the bank in action. You probably won’t notice this, as most of it isn’t worth downloading. That’s why iPhoned separates wheat from chaff every Sunday. These are the best iPhone apps and updates from last week.

1. The fate of Kay

Fate of Kai is a puzzle game, but this category doesn’t completely cover it. The game features a magic book design with a cool cool style and an inspiring story. You walk through every classroom like a kind of maze. Along the way you try to direct the thoughts of the characters in the game in the right direction.

Once you think about your character, you can change it to overcome other puzzles and obstacles. This way you can also decide where the story is going. There are 160 pages in the comic book that tell you a unique story. Highly recommended!

Fate of Kai

Thomas Lasira

2. Arch boy R.

Arc the Lad is the sequel to the console game of the same name, in which a major disaster strikes and half of the city is destroyed. The city was rebuilt under the leadership of Princess Sanya. Now protagonist Halt is on his way to rescue a needy girl from a nearby village.

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Arc the Lad R is basically a traditional role-playing game, so tactical combat is included as well. So it is important to give your characters the best skills they can use in the heat of battle. The app is free to download, so take a look.

Arch boy R.

Boltrend Games

3. Sense – Mood Tracker and Journal

If you continue to feel how you are feeling, you will discover patterns in your behavior. This can help prevent depression and deal with stress better. Sense – Mood tracker & Journal is a handy assistant. You assess your mood on a daily basis, input what you have done and possibly add images and text.

Charts show how your health is evolving from day to day. This way you can see which activities (and people!) Are making you happy and what are making you feel depressed. Then, of course, it’s up to you to change that. The basic functions are free, but you have to pay for more in-depth analysis. After the 3-day trial period, the Pro version costs 1.99 € per week, 6.99 per month, or 24.99 per year.

Feeling – Mood Tracker & Journal

Vulcan Laboratories Inc.

4. Batteries

Are you always concerned about whether the battery of your Apple devices is still sufficiently charged? You can, of course, monitor all of your devices, but this is not very helpful. Thankfully, Apple has a battery widget that you can add iPhone, iPad, AirPods, and Apple Watch to. This way you will instantly see the battery percentage for all of your devices. However, it does not work on Mac OS.

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That’s why batteries are so useful. This app works on both iOS and macOS. This way you can see on your MacBook how the battery of iPhone or AirPods works. The other method also works. You can easily check your iPad whether your MacBook still has enough power. Batteries is a simple but very useful application. It costs 3.49 euros one time.

Batteries – all battery levels