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Review: Devil Skin - NWTV

Review: Devil Skin – NWTV

from SolsbornThe games from FromSoftware are without a doubt among the most influential games of the past decade. There have been dozens of games giving the Soulslike genre a chance, and there have also been successful 2D variants with great titles like Salt and shelter From Disbelief. Demon skin He is also making an attempt.

Story of the Demon skin More mysterious and confusing than it gives you a reason to play. No doubt he tries to be vague in abstract storytelling Evil spirits An imitation, but a failure. Anyway, the real point is that you have turned into a demon and need to find an important element to undo this.

The most special aspect of Demon skin Is how the 2D battles happen. In addition to dodging attacks by rolling over, or simply walking backwards, there is the “Stance” system. If you shoot up while an enemy is attacking you with a massive attack, you are preventing the attack. The same goes for your attacks, so you should always switch between Low, High, and Normal attacks.

At the best of times fighting is a refreshing new thing in the genre, but most of the time it’s frustrating and not doing very well. Sometimes you hit the attack button several times in a row to get a quick combo, but the game thinks you are pressing the button and also you do a very slow and stronger attack. Other times, you hold down the attack button and you will completely lose your character with quick attacks instead of the powerful attack you wanted. It’s a chaos from start to finish, with occasional fighting where everything goes well and after that it’s just a little fun.

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It is unacceptable Demon skin Filled with cutting platforms where you have to jump from one place to another during a certain period of time or die. Now, there’s a little bit of challenge in a level that’s okay, but the controls don’t feel cramped enough to place such things into this game. You die way too often because your character doesn’t turn fast enough, grasp something, or is slipping off a plot of land just because you don’t have enough control. Jumping seems strange and therefore should never be an important part of the gameplay.

If you can overlook all of this, then you have very nice fighting and varied environments every now and then, but that’s all about it. Demon skin She has some interesting ideas, but she is just too dirty to be interesting in the game.

Demon Skin is available exclusively for PC.