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5 articles not to be missed

5 articles not to be missed

1. 'The first bonus I received was €468,000. “I thought about my father, who worked hard all his life for a living.”

“I also don't think it's fair that we live in a country with so much inequality, but should I therefore refuse my salary? When I see people everywhere earning so much more than me and giving so much less for it?”

Gary Stevenson made millions as a trader on the London Stock Exchange in his early twenties. He now calls for the redistribution of prosperity through a rich tax. “We are moving toward Dickensian positions, but we prefer to look the other way.”

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Ex-City banker Gary Stevenson: There are families as rich as the depth of the sea. Let them finally pay taxes too.Image of David Pepper

2. After her triumphant return to the Grammys, where has Tracy Chapman been all this time?

Suddenly Tracy Chapman is back. Following its triumphant appearance at the Grammy Awards, '80s hit “Fast Car” has rocketed to the top reaches of the charts. Fans are wondering where she has been all this time and if she will ever return to the music business.

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After her first album

After her 1988 debut album, “Tracy Chapman,” which reached No. 1 on the Billboard charts, Chapman produced seven more studio albums. The last film called “Our Bright Future” was released in 2008.Getty Images Image for Registration A

3. “Half of mental disorders develop before the age of 15.”

Prioritizing youth in mental health care. Depending on the sector, this should be the spearhead of post-election policy. “Ignoring problems takes revenge later in life,” says psychiatrist Frida Mathis.

“Most schools do their best to create a healthy environment. People often scoff at so-called 'fun education', but it's good that schools care about how children feel.”

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“If people learn at an early age that it's okay to say you feel bad, that will pay dividends later in life.”Image by Marco Mertens/HOMO, Getty Images

4. Here you can eat delicious pizza: experts share their favorite addresses

Neapolitan or Roman pizza is on the rise. From easy fast food, it's become a delicacy: a blank canvas for current culinary trends like local and organic ingredients, sourdough, and fancy finishes. Experts share their favorite places – just under twenty.

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Luca Fabozzi, with Neapolitan roots, is a famous pizza chef.  Picture of an RV

Luca Fabozzi, with Neapolitan roots, is a famous pizza chef.Picture of an RV

5. “America is now hearing that this interview should not have taken place in Moscow, but rather in the criminal court in The Hague.”

“Everything shows that Putin is betting that Trump will come to power soon.” For more than two hours, Russian President Vladimir Putin answered questions from controversial journalist Tucker Carlson in Moscow. American expert Willem Post (Clingendael Institute) watched the first Western interview since the invasion.

“This was a completely uncritical interview. Carlson was received in Moscow as a kind of global star, and this was clearly an opportunity for Putin to finally tell his story without resistance.”

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William Post on Tucker Carlson's interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin:

William Post on Tucker Carlson's interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin: “Putin presented himself as a kind of prince of peace.”Photo by RV – Reuters

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