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5 secrets of the Apple Studio Display

The Apple Studio Display has been officially on sale since last week, and now it looks like Apple has withheld what’s essential: These five secrets have now been discovered.

1. Apple Studio Display works on iOS

You can find all kinds of information about your connected devices through the System Information app on your Mac. Here’s an interesting fact about studio monitor. The app shows that the screen is running iOS 15. It’s specifically iOS 15.4, so the latest version was released last week. Apple itself indicates that the software can also be updated – for example to webcam problem that appeared last week.

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2. Screen with storage

Running iOS normally requires some storage space, so it’s no surprise that the Studio Display has storage chips. Surprisingly enough, it has at least 64 GB at its disposal. This is while iOS only takes up 2GB.

Perhaps this relates to the remaining stocks in Apple. The studio monitor has an internal A13 Bionic chip, which you can also use in iPhone SE 2020 Find. This phone has at least 64GB of storage space. Since this device is no longer in production, it will probably be cheaper for Apple to move parts for this model entirely to Studio Display than to select new parts. The question is whether Apple will actually use 64GB.

3. “Hey Siri, Support Your Old Mac”

macOS High Sierra Siri

The integrated A13 Bionic chip also gives older Macs access to advanced Studio Display features, such as Center Point and Spatial Audio. But it also now appears that “Hey Siri” is supported via Studio Display on older Macs that don’t have this functionality on its own, such as MacBook Pro from 2016 and 2017, or iMac models from 2017 or 2019. With this function, Siri can be activated by saying “Hey Siri” without pressing a button.

4. The standard can be replaced

studio display stand

Apple makes it very clear when purchasing Studio Display that the stand is not interchangeable:

Note: Each mount or mounting adapter is included. The options are not interchangeable. So think carefully about what is best for your workplace when purchasing a projection screen.

However, this turned out to be not entirely true. The holder can be replaced at an Apple Store – or at an Apple Authorized Service Provider. So if you choose the “Normal” standard and still want the height-adjustable version later, this is possible for an additional cost.

5. Component removal tool

studio display plug

Although product images of the studio monitor give the impression that the power cable is detachable, we must disappoint you: it is attached to the monitor. Although: It can be separated, but not without a special tool that is only available to Apple repair points. This pulls the cable from the monitor at an exact 90 degree angle.

This sounds unnecessarily complicated, but a specially designed plug was probably the only good solution. The screen is too thin for the “normal” socket you find on most monitors and computers. And while an external power supply with a USB-C connection may be useful, it must be quite large to accommodate both the display and the connected device. MacBook to provide strength.

Buy Apple Studio Display

Apple Studio Display is available from 1779 euros for the standard version with plain glass and a tilting stand. If you want anti-reflective glass or a height-adjustable stand, you pay extra: €250 and €460, respectively. Studio View is available from Apple and from retailers such as your mother And the cool blue

source: 9to5mac And the Mac rumors