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special | GTA V Remastered

special | GTA V Remastered (PlayStation 5 Edition) – Rockstar understands: everyone wants to see a new GTA. To be precise, GTA VI is already in full swing Development And many players are eager to see all of that. The atmosphere around this franchise is always unprecedented and no movement goes silent. To this day, GTA V is very popular and sells a lot during the week. There are also many types of player groups who play the game from time to time. For example, you have players who have done nothing else since the launch of the game but live all the criminal fantasies, in addition, you have a group that occasionally starts the game casually, but there are also a lot of people who have not played the game yet. . Together with the players who played the game in the distant past, the PS5 version may return to Los Santos. In this article we take a look at the PS5 remaster of GTA V.

GTA V remastered basics

We won’t go the familiar path of explaining everything, but a very brief introduction won’t hurt. You are in Los Santos and with three different characters you can experience a special adventure. Trevor is a laughable psychopath, Michael is a rich skunk with a crazy family, and Franklin is a street kid who wants to prove himself. During the game, you can switch between these characters at any time – provided that everyone is open – and certainly in the PS5 version this happens in a few moments. GTA V was originally released in 2013 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 and a year later the game was re-released for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, making everyone familiar with the game.

Now it’s time to switch over to the current version in which case we’re taking all the details to the PlayStation 5 version. If you’re one of the players who just wants to play the polished version and pick up where you left off, you have the option to transfer your progress from PlayStation 4 to PlayStation 5. Via the PS4 version, you can Download all of the story. Progress and advance online to the Rockstar servers and download again via the PS5 version to continue playing. This system can also be used with the Xbox version and is also available across platforms. A rather tedious process at the end: the main menu has also been changed and designed more tightly with the goal of diving into the game (story / online) as quickly as possible. A drawback is that you will find most of the settings within the game, including the option to upload the save file to the Rockstar servers. While it works, it could have been easier.

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PS5 edition changes

There are a number of additions to GTA V remaster, and among the most important are some of the graphic modes to choose from. In total you have three flavors: Sincerity, Performance and RT Performance. With Fidelity, the game is set to 30fps (which isn’t always consistent) at 4K. With performance, you have a resolution of 1440p (which looks great) at a frame rate of 60fps. Additionally, you have the last mode, Performance RT, where you can ray tracing at 60 frames per second and at 1440p resolution. You shouldn’t expect too much from ray tracing as it only affects the shadows and the frame rate seems to be less stable in this mode than in the normal performance mode. However, none of the performance modes are locked, and you will experience drops in frames from time to time. They can all run more stable, especially for such an old game that you would expect at least a mode that works with a locked frame rate.

You can see from the game itself that it’s already a few years old, but given the bump resolution and higher frame rate, everything looks clinically tight. The characters are basically stuck in time, but it is undeniable that with this version of GTA V you have a much smoother console experience. The game is started in a second, and the story mode resumption is very fast. GTA Online only takes a few seconds which is very long to load, although compared to the PS4 version it is convenient. In short, GTA V remastered offers a faster and smoother experience than the last generation version, so if you’re planning to put hundreds (or more) hours into GTA V (online), this version is worth it.

GTA Online trials and changes

Previously you had to start at the bottom of the ladder and crawl to the top with pain. If you start GTA Online now, you can partially skip this slow start. You have the option to start immediately in Los Santos. This way you are presented with some options with which you can make a good start in your criminal career. Choose from being an executive (entrepreneur), biker (a member of a motorcycle gang), Gunrunner (arms dealer), or a nightclub owner. Once you make your selection, you will immediately receive $4 million USD in budget to assemble your starter package. Think about choosing a building, vehicle, and weapons that you can make as luxurious and expensive as you like. The remaining money is the pocket money with which to start your online adventure.

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This goes on smoothly, because you won’t be left empty-handed with the people with whom you can explore Los Santos online, shooting to pieces or making each other’s lives miserable. It’s a great option with GTA V remastered and it’s an especially nice option for newcomers to enjoy GTA Online right away without a lot of grinding for a bit of acquisition. Plus, you can instantly access the awesome amount of content/updates that GTA Online has received over the years (Heists, giving Dr. Dre a Top Five, etc.), so there’s no shortage of fun. Greetings to Rockstar for this addition.

For whom is this worth it?

For people who have not played GTA V yet, this version is recommended. You just get quality of life improvements here and there, making GTA V run smoother and better than ever. If you are a passionate player of GTA Online, the Remastered Edition is also worth checking out for these improvements. If you have already played the game in the distant past and want to go back to Los Santos, you also have a good reason to go for this version. If GTA V is your thing, this might be the reason to skip it. Although one will still have to wait a long time for GTA VI, there are likely to be cases that you will buy this version out of boredom. Absurdity aside, Rockstar could have done more in terms of graphical styles. It’s not one hundred percent stable and the addition of ray tracing isn’t amazing either. This is a bit surprising for such an old game on a console as powerful as the PS5 (in this case). The option to make a quick entry to GTA Online is a very nice addition, so it really depends on your GTA V needs whether you get this version.