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5 smart things coming to WhatsApp soon

5 smart things coming to WhatsApp soon

WhatsApp has just rolled out the ability to pin more chats. It already had that for 3 chats, but now there are 5. More new options will soon be coming to the messenger, with WhatsApp mainly focusing on status updates. These 4 fun things will be available in the app soon.

1. AI photo editing

Facebook and Instagram already offer this feature, but it looks like WhatsApp will soon also have the option to create a different background (Backdrop) and provide images with a different background (Restyle). The third new option is called Expand and it makes it possible to resize the image without having to crop the whole thing: the AI ​​simply thinks about what to add based on the edges of your image.

2. Longer videos

WhatsApp status update is almost the same as Instagram stories update. It's possible to post half-minute videos in these status updates, but soon they will be one-minute long. This way you can show more. It's a logical choice, because Instagram has had it for a while, and TikTok has also been releasing longer and longer videos.

3. More privacy for your profile picture

This is a particularly nice option for your privacy and unfortunately only to a certain extent: if you want to take a screenshot in WhatsApp of the screen with a senior's profile picture on it, you will soon receive a message that this is not possible. However, there is a trick to avoid this and still take this screenshot: You can tap on someone's photo in your chat list and then you will see it a little bigger (not as big as in full view). You can take a screenshot of that.

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4. Tagging people

Back to these status updates: You'll soon be able to tag people. Hopefully this will make these status updates more popular among the public, as they are not yet used eagerly. By being able to tag people, you can direct them to a photo they're in, or a topic they might find interesting.

5. Speech texts

Imagine that someone sends you a voice message, but you really have no way to listen to that message? WhatsApp is likely to add transcription for voice messages soon. This may seem strange for iPhone users, since they have had this functionality on iOS for some time, but for Android users, this is new and is currently in the WhatsApp test app.

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