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50 experts sounded the alarm on global warming and biodiversity: 'inextricably linked' |  news

50 experts sounded the alarm on global warming and biodiversity: ‘inextricably linked’ | news

Biodiversity loss and global warming are closely related. We can win the battle against the two only if we deal with them together, otherwise actions taken against one threaten to harm the other. Here’s what fifty biodiversity and climate experts say.

Until now, climate change and biodiversity are often treated separately, and this can be counterproductive. Consider, for example, reforestation with only one species, often exotic trees. Action to combat climate change, but does not benefit biodiversity. Another example is renewable energy, an important tool for a better climate. But lithium and cobalt are used, for example, for batteries in electric cars. Therefore the renewable energy sector currently often relies on mining, which in turn has a significant impact on the environment.

what should be done?

In the report, experts identified a series of measures that could benefit both the fight against global warming and biodiversity. For example, preserving and restoring ecosystems such as forests, wetlands, grasslands, and mangroves is “one of the cheapest and fastest natural measures to reduce global warming,” they say. Technological solutions, for example, windmills at sea. Windmills can form artificial reefs that are beneficial to marine biodiversity.

Experts also called for eliminating subsidies for harmful activities such as poaching, focusing more on sustainable agriculture, reducing food losses and eating more plant foods.

“Profound changes are needed across all parts of society and the economy to stabilize the climate, halt biodiversity loss and pave the way towards the sustainable future we want,” said Ana Maria Hernandez-Salgar, President of the European Parliament. International Biodiversity Forum IPBES. And for that, we also need to tackle the two crises together in an integrated way.”

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Read Here The full report.