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6 psychological reasons that prevent you from rising

6 psychological reasons that prevent you from rising

1. Feelings of depression

If you don’t feel good about yourself, other things probably won’t go well. This can also happen if you are experiencing feelings of depression or even depression. This occurs due to an imbalance in various neurotransmitters in your brain. For example, these neurotransmitters also ensure your arousal. So, if the balance here is not right, your love life may suffer. To solve this problem, it is important that you talk to a counselor. You often can’t pull it off on your own and it’s good to have some guidance, so you don’t feel lost. Are you already taking antidepressants? This may also be a reason, as not being able to wake your big friend is often a side effect.

2. Feelings of anxiety

Just as with feelings of depression, there is… Feelings of anxiety It also has a detrimental effect on your life between the sheets. Signals from your brain under Delivery may be more difficult. This may make it difficult to get up or keep it that way. In psychology this becomes Performance dread It is mentioned when feelings of anxiety arise from the fear of failure, and that everything will not work out. In principle, they reinforce each other. Are your feelings of anxiety coming from somewhere else? Then go talk to a counselor.

3. Stress

Suffering from stress can also be a major trigger in bed. If you are stressed, your hormone production will decrease Cortisol And Adrenaline He increases; Something you don’t actually want. The secretion of these hormones reduces the level of testosterone which plays a major role. Do you suffer from a lot of (long-term) stress? In general, it’s not good for your body to experience stress, so try to solve the problem yourself or try talking to someone.

4. Self-confidence problems

Sometimes it all starts with low self-esteem. This in turn affects your self-confidence, which means you can no longer wake him up in bed. People with low self-esteem often experience a fear of failure or “disappointments,” which causes them to lose motivation in bed. Your feelings also manifest in the bedroom, where they all reinforce each other.

5. You feel guilty

The fifth out of six psychological reasons why you shouldn’t do this is that you may feel guilty about something. These feelings of guilt can come from anywhere or even from the fact that everything is not going well. As with the previous psychological causes, this reinforces each other in a negative spiral. If you feel guilty, you are less likely to experience pleasant sensations and situations. Try to see if you can resolve your guilt.

6. You are (not) traumatized

The last of the six psychological reasons that prevent you from getting up, may indicate that you are suffering from trauma. You probably know this too deep down, but trauma is often not processed properly unconsciously. This also manifests itself between the leaves. Trauma brings up feelings that we would rather not experience. Think about the feelings of depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem we mentioned before. It’s also possible that unpleasant feelings are part of something bigger that you haven’t processed yet. Processing trauma is not possible alone and needs good guidance. Do you yourself suffer from unresolved trauma? Post-traumatic stress syndrome (Post-traumatic stress disorder)? Then see if you can get the right help to learn how to deal with this.

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