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The vacancy in brief:

We are looking for the section Economics, regional politics and EuropeRural service in Antwerp, Head of service.

Could it be a little longer?

Which can! if Head of the rural department You and your team are responsible for implementing rural policy and formulating new policy proposals.

The basis of rural policy is integrated action. Initiating and encouraging cooperation is achieved through a vision in the countryside. We want to shape this from the district within our organization, but also in collaboration with local authorities and civil society. Each sector comes to the table with its own perspective and experience. By pooling ideas, new knowledge and procedures emerge that provide tailored answers. There are two essential elements: villages (with their churches) that become more resilient and open space that is preserved and enhanced. The service supports integrated initiatives in rural areas through rural subsidies.

Do you want to know more?

excellent! We will be happy to explain your set of tasks.

You manage 10 employees. With you, your employees will have a strong manager behind them, who will help them MotivateAnd motivates when necessary supports. You decide with your employees direction Who leaves the service? With your talent for coordination Enhancing cooperation among employees. You are also responsible for annual service planning.

Rural politics is a prominent horizontal political sphere. Rural policy attach Actors and sectors. You stimulate cooperation With teams, services, governments and other organisations, inside and outside the organization. You represent the service within and outside the province of Antwerp.

Together with your employees, you can translate the regional vision and strategic goals into concrete actions in the following areas:

  • Villages: The province of Antwerp includes about 300 villages where people live, work and live. The villages have a unique scale. Although they fall administratively within a municipality, they often have their own dynamics. Through flexible village paths, village points and care villages, the province wants to give local authorities and village residents the ability to deal with future challenges together. The province supports this process through analysis, participation, advice and subsidies.

  • Churches: Antwerp County has about 300 churches. As the number of churchgoers declines, the question arises as to what new/secondary use the buildings will receive. Through the church and benevolence approach, we try to give these wonderful buildings a purpose that provides added value to the local community.

  • Open space: In addition to villages, the countryside consists largely of open spaces, characterized by different users of the space: agriculture, nature, water, recreation, etc. The Rural Service, together with other regional services, develops policy initiatives that promote open space and related dynamics based on a shared vision.

  • Rural subsidies: Our countryside is a wonderful combination of space, people and activities. You can experience a lot there. The Province of Antwerp supports projects that benefit the countryside enhances To give. In cooperation with the European and Flemish governments, the province provides financial subsidies to realize these plans (eg through the LEADER programme).

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Still interested?

amazing! This is what we expect from you:

  • You have at least 4 years of relevant work experience.

  • You are the kind of leader that loves Guide lines But just as happy leave it Once you feel your employees are ready. Watching them grow gives you a lot of energy.

  • You maintain open communication and encourage this in your team.

  • Thanks to your social skills, you can maintain contacts and build relationships network From which your entire team can reap the benefits.

  • You are responsible for leading and developing a culture Customer focus Within your team.

  • It gives you energy… Vision About rural areas. On the one hand, you are close enough to the practice to know what works, and on the other hand, you have a strategic overview of creating links and estimating long-term impact.

  • You always take different things into consideration Interests Within the organization you strive for optimization Partnership.

  • You know what effort it takes results Obtain. From yourself, but also from others who are more than happy to jump on your passion bandwagon. Your thumbs up Organizational skills Help you with this.

  • Finally, you have the knowledge Policy topics For which you are responsible (rural areas, villages, churches, open spaces) and have a feeling for the stakeholders and other subjects involved in the policy.

There for this vacancy no Degree requirements. However, a master’s degree at the thinking level is required for this position. Candidates Who meet the experience requirements but do not have at least a valid master’s degree You must participate in the aptitude test.

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This will definitely convince you…

We offer you an indexed salary where you start on the A4a pay scale: Gross monthly salary between €4,383.11 – €6,408.01.

Verify Payroll simulation To create a detailed estimate of your gross and net monthly salary.

With marginal benefits:

  • Meal vouchers worth 8 euros

  • 36 days annual leave

  • Various training options

  • Remote work policy

  • Flexible working hours

  • Possibility of renting bicycles

  • Bicycle allowance

  • Free public transportation to travel to and from work

  • Free hospitalization insurance with the option to join family members under suitable circumstances

  • Additional statutory pension for contractual jobs

  • Additional health insurance

  • Staff circle with extensive social and family activities

If you want to work as head of a rural department in Antwerp County, you must first follow the following selection steps:

  • Examine the CV, where it is based Motivation letter, administrative experience and experience relevant to the policy topics, A maximum of 10 candidates will proceed to the next selection part.

  • You will receive a homework assignment.

  • Explanation of Homework, Competency-Based Interview: On January 8, 2024 In the county council (Koningen Elizabethli 22, 2018 Antwerp).

  • Assessment centre

You can find more information about these ingredients here is reading.

what are you waiting for?

You’re obviously interested. summit! Then you have to go for it. This is how you apply it:

Submit your application at the latest December 14, 2023. Convince us with a powerful motivational letter and CV why this job is tailored to you(Don’t forget to upload your CV and motivation letter in one document).


  • We offer you a full-time contract position with an unlimited employment contract.

  • You will work at the county government building: Koningin Elisabethlei 22, 2018 Antwerp (easily accessible by public transport).

  • For further information on the content of the position, please contact: Chris Brouwers, Head of Department of the Ministry of Economy, Regional Policy and Europe (03 240 5287 or [email protected]).

  • For more information about the selection procedure, bonuses and additional benefits, please contact Stien Vantomme, Recruitment and Selection Consultant (03 240 64 22 or [email protected]).

Good luck and who knows, see you soon!