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"A brand new exhibition" about ports and the sea in Technopolis: as if ... (Mechelen)

“A brand new exhibition” about ports and the sea in Technopolis: as if … (Mechelen)

Minister Krevitz and Luke van den Brande, President of Technopolis, walk across the sea © Ward Busmans


“Zeekracht” is the name of the new Technopolis exhibition that opened on Thursday. Zeekracht is the first exhibition in the new immersive digital space of the Mechelen Science Center. Visitors feel that they are standing at the bottom of the sea. In Zeekracht, science and technology at the port and at sea are central.

Ward Busmans

The projections on the interactive floors and walls make it seem as if you are walking on the bottom of the sea. Fish swim around you and by touching walls or standing in a certain place, technological innovations appear in the sea: floating solar panels, underwater farms, wind turbines or bubble curtains that protect fish from underwater noise.

The all-new immersive space is designed for children and young adults. Topics related to sustainability and innovation are incorporated into the fun tasks. Visitors can design their own windmill and bring the stream ashore, or hunt for fish species with an underwater drone. In terms of content, the Zeekracht exhibition tells the story of a future in which science and innovation make optimal use of the power and protection of the sea at the same time.

port of the future

interactive walls

interactive walls © Ward Busmans

You can then discover the harbor as it can be seen in the future through a large interactive port table. For example, you can see how ships can be filled with electricity or hydrogen so that there is no pollution from fossil fuels.

With this exhibition, Technopolis wants to inspire young people to start working later in the maritime sector themselves. Flemish minister Hilde Krevitz (CD&V) is convinced that Zeekracht can play an important role in this. “Say for yourself, which professions capture the imagination more than a marine biologist, windmill designer or seaweed farmer? Our message is clear: The best helmsmen are not all on the beach. Everyone can and should contribute to a better world.”

illustration platform

Minister Krevitz and Luke van den Brande have been allowed to advertise the exhibition

Minister Krevitz and Luke van den Brande have been allowed to advertise the exhibition © Ward Busmans

Minister Krevits, with Luc van den Brande, President of Technopolis, was allowed to open the exhibition by ringing the ship’s bell. According to Van den Brande, Technopolis wants to introduce a new topical theme every few years in the new immersive space. “This is a futuristic demonstration platform, available to forward-thinking companies and research institutions.”

Technopolis can now call itself SDG Voice (Sustainable Development Goals). Zeekracht is used as a marketplace to promote a series of United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

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