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Neef van Britse Queen biedt tegen betaling toegang tot Kremlin aan

A cousin of the British Queen gives access to Carmel for a fee …

Prince Michael Kent
Photo: AFP

Prince Michael of Kent, a cousin of British Queen Elizabeth, is suspected of offering his services to get to the Kremlin for a fee. The man passed Sunday times On Channel 4 Filmed with a hidden camera, he tells investigative reporters he can recommend them for £ 10,000 a day (11,500 euros) to the entourage of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Michael’s friend and business partner Lord Simon Reading was also present on the video call. Introduced as “Her Majesty’s unofficial ambassador to Russia”. The 78-year-old prince speaks Russian and regularly travels to Russia for business and leisure. It was also said that the British embassy requested his services. Michael Kent is one of the few Britons to be awarded the Russian Medal of Friendship.

The British royal family responded that the prince received no tax money, and was responsible for his livelihood with his consulting firm for 40 years. The prince also has no special relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin, whom he last met in July 2003. Lord Reading admits to the Sunday Times that he was “mistaken.”