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The 48-meter-high Garisenda Tower in Bologna is increasingly screaming and screaming: the city is closing the square

The 48-meter-high Garisenda Tower in Bologna is increasingly screaming and screaming: the city is closing the square

The 48-metre-tall Garicinda Tower is creaking or complaining, experts say. To hear what the more than nine-hundred-year-old tower had to say, traffic around the monument in the center of Bologna was stopped. Visiting the tower is also no longer permitted.

In silence, experts are trying to determine the extent of the problems with one of the symbols of the Italian city. The other, the larger La Torre Degli Asinelli, stands beside him and radiates health. There are lattice cracks at the base of the Garicinda Tower, which is four degrees above the ground – just one degree lower than the Tower of Pisa. The severity of the consequences is being investigated. Sensors in the tower have recently detected some unusual and disturbing movements. The reason why Mayor Lepore closed the square on which the towers are located to traffic.

View of Bologna with the soaring Torre Degli Asinelli and the leaning Torre della Garisenda clearly visible next to it.Image by Getty Images

One of the reasons for the damage to the tower was likely due to the constant rush of traffic. It would be a good time to make this part of Bologna’s city center completely car-free, says Professor Pier Luigi Cervelati of Italia Nostra, an organization dedicated to preserving Italy’s cultural heritage. Corriere di Bologna. “Buses are causing irreparable damage to the city, and it is time for this square to become a pedestrian zone.”

Engineering company

The Torre della Garicinda and Torre delle Asinelli are the two most famous of the 24 medieval towers in Bologna’s city centre, with the Asinelli Tower being the tallest at 98 metres. There must have been more than a hundred of these towers in the Italian city. Most of Bologna’s towers were built in the 12th and 13th centuries. The reason behind its construction is not entirely clear, but it had both a military and civilian function.

The municipality of Bologna has appointed an engineering company to temporarily install the Garicinda Tower. The same company was responsible for the recovery of the Costa Concordia cruise ship in 2012 and was also involved in rebuilding the collapsed bridge in Genoa. A technical committee was also formed to deal with the restoration of the tower.

The square surrounding the tower is closed.  Picture news pictures

The square surrounding the tower is closed.Picture news pictures

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