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Magazine sloeg de bal twintig jaar geleden helemaal mis over hoe acteurs uit ‘Friends’ er nu zouden uitzien

A magazine that has been completely absent from the topic for twenty years…

How will the actors come out? friends Look at twenty years? This is the question asked by the magazine star It happened in 2004, and the prediction based on a computer program seems far from the truth.

Before long there was talk of a reunion of the main characters from friendsPick up the magazine star He already predicted what the actors would look like in twenty years. In 2004, she launched a computer program that was revolutionary at the time in the minds of David Schwimmer, Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow, Courteney Cox, Matt LeBlanc and Matthew Perry, and posted pictures of what she would look like in 2024.

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After broadcast only Reunion The magazine’s predictions were once again dusted for dust and it turns out that none of today’s six actors actually resemble what the show predicted. For example, the program predicted that Schwimmer (Ross in the series) would already be gray, Aniston (Rachel) would be more bloated and that radioactive Kudrow (Phoebe) would be very old. We may not be in 2024 yet, but chances are the actors will be pretty old by then.

On Twitter, people who share the photos find it very entertaining. “Could they be more wrong,” one wrote, winking at Chandler’s usual sinful accents.

Photo: Reddit
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