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Mayors Baum and Romet stick to their position: No Tomorrowland |  Instagram news VTM

Mayors Baum and Romet stick to their position: No Tomorrowland | Instagram news VTM

The mayors of Bohm and Romest have maintained their refusal to license the Tomorrowland Dance Festival. This was learned on Monday by the Prime Minister’s spokesman, Jan Jambon, who has consulted with the mayors. It was a “constructive advice”, but “the context at the moment is not so for mayors to reverse their decision.”

It was announced last week that both mayors would not give the go-ahead for the festival. This year’s edition has already been pushed back to the end of August and the beginning of September, but mayors Jeroen Baert (Boom, N-VA) and Jurgen Callaerts (Rumst, N-VA) are very concerned about the health status of leaving Tomorrowland until then speaking.

On Monday afternoon, Prime Minister Jambon’s cabinet held a meeting on their position. In addition to Jambon and the two mayors, there were also Interior Minister Annelies Verlinden, Flemish Interior Minister Bart Sommers and the governor of Antwerp.

Possible new order

Subsequently, the Prime Minister’s spokesperson was informed that the consultations were constructive, but the context is not currently so for the mayors to back down from their disapproval. However, organizers can always submit a new application, which can then be evaluated by mayors. The Flemish and federal governments remain ready to help where possible, but the final decision rests with the mayors, she says.

Tonight they confirm that their position does not change. Burt and Kalaerts say. “Given the current circumstances known to us, we cannot reconsider our decision and position in relation to the permit that has been applied for.”

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Tomorrowland does not wish to respond to counseling at this time. After the mayor’s decision was announced last week, the festival organizer responded. “We still hope for a nice end to summerIt looked then.

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